You know what its like, you decided to say, clean the cooker, then suddenly everything else in the kitchen needs cleaning, wall require painting and the curtains no longer match the new paintwork, been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

The patio, raised beds and garden in general has been a bit like that for me, one thing after another. Today it was the garden’s wooden benches, they have been neglected over the years, now the timber is starting to show its age, cracks and loose joints.

It was my own fault really, I asked who the benches belonged too, did they come with the property, so the landlord would be responsible for there maintenance, or where they bought sometime in the past by the residents? No one could say for sure, they have just always been there. The reason I asked was if they do not get a bit of attention soon they will simply fall apart, even a good clean and a fresh coat of preservative would help.

Now it just so happened that I was in Lidl in Cupar the other day and there I saw large tins of preservative at a very reasonable price, and being a very silly boy, I passed on this information to the girls, later in the day, delivered through my letterbox, was a note and some money.

Guess where I will be going tomorrow?

I had been hauling compost all morning, and since the weather was conducive to working outside, I though may as well make a start to the benches. but before I can do anything about giving them a coat of preservative they will need a good scrub with sugar soap, then left to dry before a light sanding, since they are covered in a green alga, and not a few bird droppings, which will only clog up the sandpaper, (I get all the good jobs). I actually like cleaning, for you get an instant boost on seeing your work paying off, the before and after is always clear to see.

The Builders are in relaying the flat roof in the Library, so their scaffold has one of the benches trapped, but the other has come up well from the cleaning.

To Be Continues.

Again the weather this morning was first class, light winds clear skies and pleasing sunshine. I was off to Cupar first thing to pick up the preservative from Lidl, I did not hang around but headed straight back home.

The seat had dried overnight and this morning I started by sanding, then out came the tin of preservative, it did not have much colour in the first coat, but it is very oily so will make a good preservative, still a second coat might work.

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