What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

 Today I feel really well, which is a bit surprising after yesterdays adventure, apart from a bit of stiffness in my neck and shoulders, and a few minor aches, but nothing to write home to mum about. The weather today is fine too, but alas it is Monday so laundry day, more so since I skipped my chores last week, still if I press on I can get out later in the day.

I did not see the news or read a paper yesterday so I was unaware that a great travesty of in justest, pitted against women, by our gallant, personnel in blue uniforms, that had taken place in London.

Now from what I understand some women had come together on social media and decided to have a gathering in London, in remembrance of a girl who had been murdered. They applied to the Metropolitan Police, for permission to hold such a gathering. The police in response said NO. They told the organizers that it was government policy that there should be no such gathering in the middle of a pandemic, that has cost many thousands of lived and the countries economy dear. The gathering was cancelled.

These silly girls decided to go ahead anyway and had a mass gathering in the park, then were surprised that the police came along and tried to break up the illegal gathering.

Today it has all turned very political, a police state, heavy-handed brutality by the police. I would have sent in the fire service and turned the fire hoses on them, that’ll learn yi.

Laws are made for out protection, they are enforced by our police, who on the whole get it right most of the time.

What set alarm bells ringing for me was when these women started spouting about, ‘Taking back the Night’ (similar to what happened in Sidney Australia some years back), women marching in the street with claims that the streets of Sidney were unsafe for women to walk at night. I even heard that they wished to have a curfew for men.

If women feel unsafe walking alone at night in a city that has thousands of CCTV cameras then there is a problem that should be investigated. But we should not be having knee jerk reaction to some tweet on social media, and picked up by the mainstream media looking for a sensational story to tell.

If any person, man woman or non, feel they are so vulnerable, they can not walk the streets, try going out in pairs, take a taxi, take self-defence classes, and yes badger your MPs, but do not break the law then shout “Police Brutality”.

As for out non-bias national media – a few weeks ago a crowd of Ranger football supporters, gathered outside Ibrox Stadium to celebrate their club’s achievements, (seems they won some trophy or other). A lively bunch, dancing around, setting off flares, Well, the National Media, including the BBC and Sky had a field day, “hooligans” they cried. In the middle of a pandemic, putting everyone life at risk, such irresponsible behaviour could lead to another spike in deaths from coronavirus………….. Why we even had Oor Nicola standing up in Holyrood making political capital from it.

What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander.            

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