Dancing in the Wind.

Yesterday, Elie weather popped a message up on my computer to tell me that the wind would rise to 48 mph over the next 24 hours. Thankfully the adverse weather had not arrived by the time I had completed my wee morning run, however, the wind was building so it was a great trip home at 40 kph.

Regularly I pass a very light fixed wheel bike that had been chained to a rail for all of this year, I have a great hankering to ride a lightweight fixed wheel bike once more, although it is probably the last thing I should do, ending up in the heart-attack country, but the thrill of riding a fast bike never really leaves you. A bit like me having to sneak past motorcycle shops, the M/C spirit is still there although you know yourself, those days are over, – still, if someone was to………

“The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the workshop, not sure what I accomplished in all the time spend there, mostly with my earphones in place listening to my CDs. Everything from Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Furry Lewis, to Suzi Quatro. Mostly I practised making joints, (I need the practice) which turned into a couple of little boxes. I also made a pair of signboards, still to be written on.

Today they are hanging in the Holly tree, outside my window, I had spray painted men earlier. I see them now from my window, ‘Dancing in the Wind’ – Suzi Quatro.

Suzi is easy to listen to for most of the tracks have that deep bass keeping the rhythm, I like ‘Catsize’ possibly because it was the first time I heard her sing, it was on the TV show Happy Days, Fonzie memories.

In one of the students flat over the road, in big letters,

55 W A T P, I’m sure they will mean something to his fellow students, alas I am not privileged to that information, possibly well above my pay grade.

I have to admit the students here are a very diligent lot, heads buried in their books from morning until night. I wonder if Coronavirus restrictions will make for higher qualifications in the student sector this year?

Not much to say today, but then words are what we use when we have sod all to say.

Keep well.

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