Benarty Hill or Burst.

The weather today was not good, an extremely lively and ice-cold wind was off-putting, even although the rain has passed. Well, I needed a rest day anyway. I did wrap up well and with hammer nails, string and scissors headed out into the garden to tame the climbing roses. It was easy to drive nails into the cracks of the old random rubble wall, and tie the very thorny shoots back to the wall in a fan shape.

I am also pleased to report that new growth is now appearing at the base of many of the rose bushed that were cut back hard earlier.

‘In focus’ is a local magazine to St Andrews, when I got around to reading it I found an interesting article near the end ‘How to build your own “Munro”

Although relatively flat Fife does boast 7 Marilyns, hills of over 150 meters with a 50 + drop between it and the next one. All within its boundaries. Not as well known as the Munros, Corbetts, or even the Grahams, perhaps, still relative just the same.

West Lomond 522m Falkland,

East Lomond 424m Falkland

Benarty Hill (the sleeping giant) Ballingry

Largo Law 356m Upper Largo

Norman’s Law 285m Brunton

Cairnie Hill 228m Collessie

Mount Hill 221 Cupar

now anyone following my blog will know that I have covered many of these hills in the past but the writer of ‘How to build your own “Munro” climbed then all in one day chauffeured driven by her husband between each of the 7 Marilyns.

Total distanced walked = 14.6 miles

Total time taken 7 hours 54 minutes

Total ascent = 3856 feet

Total distance travelled by car 97 miles.

You may not think this worthy of a mention but the writer, Margaret Squires from St Andrews is 81 years ‘young’.

If an 81-year-old can do this, then surely there is hope for me yet, and I needed a fresh challenge. Now since I do not have a chauffeur-driven limousine, I will use my bike in my attempt to climb all 7 Marilyns, in sequence, but since the distance between then = 97 miles, not all in the one day. It will take a wee bit of planning to cut down on the distance travelled on the bike, (may even use the tricycle) but that will all be part of the fun.

Bairns Not Bombs.

The UK government is not only supplying the weapons, aircraft and military expertise to bomb people in Yemen if this wasn’t bad enough, the government is now slashing essential aid to Yemeni people in half.

After six years of a brutal war, it’s estimated that 24 million Yemenis need humanitarian assistance – that’s nearly 80 per cent of the population.

Keep well.

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