Snowdrops and Bill Withers.

Again like yesterday the skies were overcast with a light mist hanging over St Andrews as I set out on my morning run. The song that came into my head and I sang to the morning,

“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…..” which lead me to sing on,

“Sometimes in my life, we all have pain,

We all have sorrow,

But if we are wise,

We know there’s always tomorrow.

Lean on me, when you’re not strong,

And I’ll be your friend,

I’ll help you carry on,

For it won’t be long ‘til I’m gonna need,

Somebody to lean on.

Yes, everyone needs someone to lean on, I have not played Withers for some time, must put that right when I return home.

I have heard and seen his daughter perform her father’s hits, beautiful voice, and like singers of old, she simply stands there and sings, no jumping around or pyrotechnics, or special lighting effects, just a beautiful voice, refreshing.

I did not go far today out to Pitscottie, turning left onto the B940 for Peat Inn then off left again for Strathkinness. At the crossroads right onto the B939 for St Andrews.

Loads of carrots were being transported along the B939 to the farm at Blebo, so lots of mud on the road some hard-packed, like riding on corrugated iron. On my return, I stopped at Burnside to take this photograph of ‘Clouds of (not golden daffodils) but snow-white snowdrops’, something we see a lot of when out riding at this time of the year.

The wind was picking up and not any warmer as I made my weary way home, for I had been pushing hard all morning, it happens from time to time when I still believe I’m 20 years younger.

I want to make a maypole to grow sweet peas and French climbing beans up the strings from the top of the pole. I have some three-meter lengths of 3X2 timber that will do the job, but as ever when you are working with the elderly (which doesn’t include me of course) you have to think ‘safety first’ and since the timber is rough sawn, I will take it out the sander and sand the surface so anyone coming into contact with it will not end up with skelves in the fingers. May even have enough paint left in the tin to give it a coat of protection.

Well it was sanded and painted, OK it’s not round and does not look much like a maypole, then again our garden is no village green – baby it’s cold outside, the wind has certainly picked up now and again it is what the Irish would call a lazy wind, that doesn’t bothering to go around you.

I did listen to a bit of Nicola Sturgeon’s ramble to the inquiry but I shall say no more, for to me it was all about ‘if you can’t get the ball, get the man’, and divert attention away from yourself at all cost, a big boy did it, then ran away. I will wait to hear what Jimmy Hamilton QC has to say, then we might get to the bottom of this saga. 

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