Thy will be done here, in the UK, as it is in America.

Monday once more and the weather is looking good, the sun is rising above the horizon and there is scarce a breath of air to stir the trees, but since the skies are clear, there was a touch of chill in the air, so I have deliberately left the lid on the cold frame down for a little longer.

Monday my laundry day and as the clothes were washing I did a skellp across the carpets with the hoover. Now it is time to head for Aldi. Life’s constant but slow drum beat here at City Park.

Today I will attach my trailer to the tricycle and head for the riding stables for a load of manure for the garden, might even manage two trips in this fine weather.

I was a bit surprised to switch on the television yesterday and see a rally by Trump, well, not really, I’m only surprised that it happened this soon.

The Leppard can not change its spots. On Inauguration Day in America, the troops were already marching into Syria, a new American base is to be established there, and the gauntlet has already been thrown down to Iraq and Iran. We will keep you in poverty, not allow you to sell your oil if you continue to flaunt America’s wishes and bed down with Russia. The Obama years are here again, and why Trump had to be stopped.

What is happening in America is what is happening in the UK, you have a Republican party lead by the establishment, yet the grassroots are for Trump, all 35 million of them. The problem that the Republican party has is Trump. Trump has them scared shitless. He as said if you do not choose me as a presidential candidate then I will run as a third party. Now he has no chance of winning the presidency as a third party, but this will split the Republican vote, and they will be out of power for possibly a very long time.

So the media in America are out with pitchforks to take down Trump and anyone who is supporting him.

We had the same thing in the UK. The Labour party is very much establishment now, (after the Blair years) you only need to see who they chose as a leader, a man more establishment than any Tory. But who was Labour grassroots supporting, Corbyn? Corbyn had to be taken down, they accused him of being a Jew-hater and kicked him out of the party. That’s you telt.

In Scotland it is much the same the establishment is all the unionist patties, Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrats, they are all branch offices of their parties in Westminster, with a thistle in the corner of their letterhead. But the grass roots in Scotland, like in America want change and they have turned to the SNP in their droves. The British media are out with their pitch forks, and at every opportunity will attack the SNP and their party followers at every opportunity, and why this up and coming election in Scotland will be so crucial for the SNP and Scotland as a whole.

So the UK (the Westminster establishment) like in America, (the Republicans party), and Scotland (the SNP) have to show that they are willing to change, or fall. I don’t believe, Revolution, is too strong a word kto use at this time.

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