Yes, I am Biases

Yesterday was a good day, I went out for a two-hour cycle first thing, I wanted to be back for Alex Salmond’s appearance at the inquiry of the governments handling of the allegation against him. I am of course in the camp of Alex Salmond, so this was not to be missed.

The four-hour-long session ran for almost six hours, and it was clear for all to see that the man was, as expected on top of his brief. Not reading from notes, no dithering, total unambiguity, Alex could have gone on for another six-hour session without batting an eye. His words, tone and body language all radiated candour, and questions answered with the wisdom of Salomon. A performance to behold.

I was impressed by the Unionists seemed at least to be trying to get to the bottom of this unholy saga.

In truth Salmond never put a foot wrong throughout the session, not a misstep, stumble or misjudgement, he was a man in top form and no matter Nicola Surgeon comment after the even that he has no proof to back up his clams (Because the Scottish governments have put a gagging order on anything that may discredit Nicola Sturgeon if it came out) she has a hard act to follow.

Now we know how good Nicola Sturgeon is, she has a sharp brain and does her homework, but can she truly say “No smoking gun?” Alex Salmond’s evidence yesterday will make any whitewash by this committee very difficult to say the least.

I have always believed that this inquiry was just so much smoked filled, coffee-house crap, for I listened to the witness statements at the trial of Alex Salmond and it was clear that this trial should never have come to court, begging the question “What/who was behind it?”.

Then Alex in his final statement to the inquiry – throw in a hand grenade. My lawyers have the evidence that has been so far denied to you, if the committee were to write my lawyers asking for this evidence, you will have it by Monday. Can they afford not to ask for it?

If Salmond is right in believing that this would tie the case up, and show corruption at the heart of the SNP, poor leadership in the Civil Service, and Procurator fiscal office, then not so much a smoking gun as a whole a barrage of cannon.

However after all of this theatre the real meaningful stuff will come from James Hamilton QC in his own separate inquire.

Next Wednesday, Nicola Sturgeon, well prepared and well-briefed will appear before the same committee,

Will the Sturgeon prove too difficult to hold?

Will the facts speak for themselves?

No matter the outcome of this inquiry, there will have to be changes within the SNP hierarchy, if Nicola is to survive as first Minister (and I thing that is now doubtful) then the membership has to take back control of the party. It was always an unsatisfactory situation for the First Minister along with her husband running the show and that must end.        

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