Sunday, what a day it had been, never off the stot. The morning was spend gardening, then out for a ride on the bike, what a joy, the weather was so spring like, a bit windy but not in the least cold. I popped over the hill to Elie, and spent time just daydreaming by the shore, the most natural place in the world for a Pisces. It was amazing just how many people had the same idea, not all on bikes of course.

Elie Beach (not taken by me)

With the sun shining and on such a pleasant day as this I could have cycled on for ever. Home by 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the planning department (the girls in residence) was in full swing. They had gathered out on the patio and as I arrived, greeted me with thanks for moving the Jersey Lilies. As I basked in glory, they gently hinted that I might try my hand a few other jobs around the garden. Oh! that was sneaky. I don’t mind of course, in fact I like gardening, possibly with the exception of weeding. I once saw a sign in a garden that read “Pick Your Own Weeds” which amused me at the time.

So it was out with the tools, cut a stick when you come to it, and repair a plant pot stand and remove the old foundation, that had once held a plastic greenhouse. The winter gales had put pay to the flimsy structure, leaving only the timber foundation that I had screwed down to the patio. I then moved the boat planter back to the its place at the door, now that the Christmas decorations had been taken down. Out with the soap and water and give it a good clean down, and generally tidy up, two hours later it was all looking very spick and span. That is the thing about cleaning, you can see the difference right away, very satisfying.

I made a Spanish omelet for tea, you are always guaranteed to get your moneys worth with onions, they constantly replete on you. However since I have not had time to go off to Aldi, my choice from Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, was very limited indeed.

I once more have that dull soreness that comes from a day of activity, its a nice felling, another pot of tea, and I may even get a chance to read the Sunday paper, another great cure for insomnia.

Monday, so it must be laundry day, with the bed stripped and sheets and the contents of the laundry basket gaily doing a fling on the other side of the glass window of the washing machine, much like the girls in an infamous street in Amsterdam, showing off their underwear, I took off on the bicycle to Aldi.

The Catkins are out on the tree that grows by the bridge over the Kinness Burn and the buds are swelling on the flowering cherry trees that line many of the streets around St Andrews. Although they do not last long they are the first to flower and certainly brighten the place up after a dreich winter.

Something to look forward to.

Aldi was very quite, it never takes me long to do the shopping, I know what I want and where to find it. Then off to the checkout, have you noticed how your bill has increase since you were last at the supermarket? Good old Boris and his oven ready Brexit deal that would see us all better off, and millions pouring into out NHS every week, Aye right.

We had rain during the night, still, it will help settle in the Jersey Lilies, and the skies are still very overcast but we travel hopefully for the forecast is good for today. Unfortunately the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, Is anything but. Heavy rain and gale force winds, I’m so pleased I had a good day on Sunday. Then again, if nothing else, Sunday has shown us that there will be a spring and it will be coming soon enough.

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