The weather today is very overcast and blowing hard, I had hoped to get the cold frame outside and given a final coat of paint, setting the seedlings off on there journey from pot, to harden off, then planning out in the garden, I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end. Still with the weather now that is looks iffy. Halfway through another week, where does it all go?

Yesterday I was over to Leuchars, I wanted to go to the cycle shop, my wish to hire an e-bike for an hour as part of my research project I’m working on. Seems they no longer hire bikes, coronavirus they say, not allowed to hire them out. He told me they intend stopping the practice anyway, only sales now, more than they can cope with it seems. They have an awful lot of e-bikes if the two pallets of boxes outside their shop are anything to go by. Possibly sell them on the internet, I can’t see a large enough market for them here.

Their e-bikes are more in keeping with step-through mopeds than bicycles, and that will be the market they are pitched at, an alternative to a moped. Makes sense, no need for a licence, no need for a helmet, no need for road tax or insurance for that matter, what not to like? The problem will be if they become popular the government will find ways to squeeze some money from you, all in the name of safety, I’m sure.

The road out had been into a cross wind coming over the port bow and played havoc all the way into Guardbridge. I resisted the temptation to hit the throttle, and just pushed all the way there. At the roundabout the wind changed so an easy ride from here. Coming home I moved onto the cycle path. The low lying fields, of winter sown barley, that run between the road and the estuary, were flooded. Flocks of Geese, a couple of swans, a curlew and a very large flock of what to me looked like sand pipers, they were about the size of a waterhen light grey in colour and straight pointed beaks, and seemed to be always on the move. All happily helping themselves to the farmers crops, he will be pleased.

After my shower, I settled down for the afternoon, that is until the doorbell summonsed me to the main door, my piece of perspex had arrived, no rest for the wicked. I set about making the lid for the cold frame, it has been a while since I started this project, but when you are waiting for the right timber to turn up in a skip, it always will.

Clyde Built

So that has been my day, never a dull moment. If I was pleasantly aching after yesterday ride, I’m doubly so today. I wonder if there is anything of any worth on the television tonight? I could do with a night in.

Keep well.

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