Yesterday Was A Big Weeeeeeee Day.

Yesterday was fine once more, a bit windy but that is to be expected in February, I headed out on the old B939 turning off at the Strathkinness crossroads for Crossgates, and the long climb up to Drumcarrow Graig then went whizzing off on the B941 for Peat Inn and Largoward. The roads were free of traffic and I just love coming over the top Bowhill to see for the first time the Forth valley spread out before me, it is quite a view. I continued on the B941 turning off for Arncroach to make my way back over to the B9131 for St Andrews. The wind was now driving me forward, encouraging me to push harder for home, even keeping the pedals driving down off Balmungo and Brownhills, weeeeeeeeeeeee. Not sure if the new-found pain in my belly is a cramp or some re-found muscles, but I feel good this morning.

I read yesterday that Julian Assange may be returning home to Australia, soon. There has been a lot of diplomatic traffic between the Australian government and the US to have the case against him dropped. Both sides are playing it down, in Australia, the minister is saying, Julian can come home when he leaves prison, but that he cannot be seen to be interfering in the law of another country. The American government still have 14 days in which to lunch an appeal, but the thinking now seems to be, It may be better if the whole thing just went away.

And strictly on the QT

I heard some news yesterday – imminent changes at the heart of the SNP, following a serious incident – rumours of “blood on the carpet” abound. You heard it here first.

Keep well.

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