Saturday 13th Lucky for some.

The snow is receding in the garden but still clinging on, it will need a good spell of rain to shift it. Still, the days are stretching, so we will be back on our bike soon enough.

PG (parental guidance)

When in the common room yesterday Ken, one of only a handful of men in City Park, popped his head around the door. He asked if I had my jab yet. Yes, yesterday and I went into how I had suffered some side-effects. Ken took off his mask and showed me his face, swollen down one side and what looked like a cold sore on his lip. Everyone it seems has suffered some sort of effect of the vaccine.

Most of yesterday I was under the weather, sore all over and very sleepy. At around 1 o’clock I lay on my bed with the duvet over me and slept for two hours. Later around 6 pm I repeated the possess, which worried me a bit that I might not be able to sleep during the night. I need not have worried.

This morning I woke in a bright, light, room, I was feeling well and real cosy under my duvet, and as an extra treat, my prostrate had been massaged by my bladder during the night, the nearest thing an old man get to full-blown sex, so I lay back in the afterglow. Today would be a good day.

When the SNP was under the leadership of Alex Salmond, they talked about Scotland as the ‘New Eldorado’ of rentable energy, Wind farms and Wave power.

Today we read,

The Dutch oil and gas major Shell has agreed to take a majority stake in a 1 GW floating wind project offshore in the Irish sea.

Shell New Energies, renewable energy trading, generation, and supply arm of Shell has signed an agreement with Simply Blue Energy to acquire 51 per cent in Simply Blue Energy’s venture. Kinsale was set up to develop the Emerald floating wind project, a floating wind farm in the Celtic Sea, off the coast of Ireland.

Energy giant BP is entering the UK offshore wind for the first time by linking up with a German company to build wind farms in the Irish Sea. BP’s first move into renewable power in the home nation comes after its pledge last year that it would become a “net-zero business by 2050.

So the Dutch and the Germans are coming to UK waters to float their wind turbines, and since these are UK waters and since it will affect NI, Scotland and Wales I take it the devolved parliaments had a say in the decision and able to negotiate good terms to have the jackets and blades manufactured in the devolved nations. Aye Right!

Boris will make that choice for us, and will we get a share of the work, well after the decision to site a wind farm off the River Forth and give the contract for building them to a company on the other side of the world, not a hope.

So the Dutch and the Germans will keep their high standards of living and top up their pension pot for the future, Scotland will get the electric bill for emery used.

If this is going to be the new world of Scottish independence, foreign companies stealing our natural resources, and leaving us just as poor, whilst the SNP sit with their thumb up their bum, asking again for a mandate for independence, and even if granted will fail because the SNP have done nothing to resolve the problem associated with independence, since 2014.

Come on Hamilton that’s a bit unfair, we have had a pandemic to contend with and a couple of controversial bills to pass, (but don’t mention the Alex Salmond fiasco) and what about all the money that will be spent in Perth (Oh Aye) another bloody museum, and not forgetting we gave Scotland the baby box.

In fact, if I were Johnston I would say go ahead have your indiref2, you are so unprepared after 7 years that you will fail even more spectacularly. Where are men like Bruce when they are needed?

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