Thursday, all day.

 The snow that fell over the past few days lies deep in the garden, this has been followed by a sharp drop in temperature, given the snow a crispness to its surface, and making paths and pavements difficult underfoot. So cold has it been that stalactites hanging like a crystal chandelier from a leaking downpipe on the building opposite?

The ground-feeding birds, that now frequent the garden, scarring amongst the shrubs, they are having difficulty finding food in these conditions. The tits and sparrows less so since they found the hanging feeder. For the ground feeding birds, I have been putting seed out for them, under hedges, where no snow has penetrated or in my homemade feeders. I am amazed at the variety of birds that now come to feed. Until a month or so ago I would not have given them a second thought or even been aware that they were even there at all. Now I find myself going onto the internet to find out more about their habits, for although many are common to our gardens, I have not taken the time or trouble to find out their proper names, feeding or nesting habits.

We have a small community hospital here in St Andrews and it was to here I was summonsed today for my Covid-19 vaccine AstraZeneca jag. All the time I have lived in St Andrews I had only visited the doctor’s surgery there once, so I was totally amazed on following the arrows to the vaccination section that it was a route march along endless corridors. It’s much bigger than it looks.

The walk there and back was most pleasant in the still and crisp air, I believe it is getting warmer, or maybe that is only because we have lost that east wind. All went well quick and painless, and of course, I met many from City Park there too, all begin within the same age group.

I did go over to Tesco this morning to buy a paper, but the selves were bare of any newsprint, I’m sure I have missed nothing of any importance. Oor Nicola is a bit miffed with Ruth Davidson, who told her that Alex Salmond enquiry stunk to high heaven (which of course it does), a woman’s scorn and all that. But Nicola only has herself to blame for the mess she now finds herself in. It was she who signed the directive that started the whole chain of events off, maybe she did not understand the implications of her action, fair enough, but to compound her actions by the decisions she made later in this botched attempt to stitch up Alex Salmond and then try to cover her arse, well that was sheer stupidity for someone of her intelligence. However, like Paddie’s shirt, it will all come out in the wash.

Being Thursday we had the Alex Salmond Show, today’s guess was Professor Wade Davis, an American anthropologist.

I have to admit to not having heard of the man or read any of his books, but I am determined to amend that after hearing him today. The theme today was the divided nation of America, and whether the new president and his sidekick, can heal the festering sore?

Davis was in no doubt that Trump incited the mob that stormed the congress building, and said it was the first time that the Southern flag was displayed inside the building, (not of any significance to me but he seemed to put importance in that). He said, to him looking at it unfold on television, it was more like the crowd at a rock concert storming the stage and the guards more like bouncers at a rock concert trying to hold them back, even stopping for selfies, he believed it could have easily have ended very badly, even in serious bloodshed.

What to do about Trump, rather than impeachment, he believed they should have invoked article 14 of the constitution that was put there so that powerful men from the south (after the civil war) could not return to or have any influence at Congress. Had they done so Trump could never have returned to office.

And the answer to a divided nation like America, he said that the system was flawed from conception, and that turmoil will always be there, sort of as American as Apple Pie.

Finally he said we are genetically all cut from the same cloth, (when man walked out of Africa), and how it may have been the North that won the Civil War, but it was the South that won the peace. For he went on to tell us about a man called Fraz Boas, and how he changed society. It is governments that make the laws that make the changes, but it is the people who make the governments change. I found the man absolutely fascinating to listen to.

Stay Safe.

One thought on “Thursday, all day.

  1. Hi Walter As lovely as the weather sounds please take care not to slip. The last place you want to be now is an emergency department! At least the birds are keeping you occupied. They are very productive when they go about their daily routines. Take care Brenda

    On Thu, 11 Feb 2021, 3:05 pm The Grand Tour: Fife and Beyond, wrote:

    > threewheelsonmywaggon posted: ” The snow that fell over the past few days > lies deep in the garden, this has been followed by a sharp drop in > temperature, given the snow a crispness to its surface, and making paths > and pavements difficult underfoot. So cold has it been that stalac” >


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