Paint Is Like God.

This morning the snow is in much better fettle here in St Andrews. We were talking (although more in jest that real seriousness) of having a snow ball fight on the lawn, here at City Park.

I took the opportunity, yesterday afternoon, between flurries of snow, to take the cold frame outside and sand it down, the power sander, made quick work of it.

Inside once more and time to break open the paint, why, oh why, did you let that daft laddie anywhere near paint. Thankfully he had enough sense to put a tarpaulin down on the floor before he started.

I knew it would look much better in a uniform colour, but alas the paint did nothing for my re-patterned shirt, but the white spats too my working boots, I don’t mind.

Just the lid to make, alas the straps of timber I need are screwed down to the patio (they were the base of the once glasshouse) and that is under snow at present.

Paint is like God, it transforms everything it comes into contact with.

I am re-reading ‘Sailing Alone Around the World’ by Captain Joshua Slocum. He was, in fact, the first man to circumnavigate the world single-handed. I just love the prose, from this truly great story teller.

“in the afternoon the ‘Spray’ came upon a large turtle asleep on the sea. He awoke with my harpoon through his neck if he woke at all. I had much difficulty in landing him on deck, which I finally accomplished by hooking the throat-halyard to one of his flippers, for he was about as heavy as my boat. I saw more turtles, and I rigged a barton ready with which to hoist them in; for I was obliged to lower the mainsail whenever the halyards were used for such purposes, and it was no small matter to hoist the large sail again. But the turtle steak was good. I found no fault with the cook, and it was the rule of the voyage that the cook, found no fault with me.”

Keep well.

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