Have the Independent Movement Missed the Boat?

My mother had a saying

“The devil looks after his own”

I have no idea what guardian angel looks after Boris Johnston, but he certainly has one. Call it God’s will, call it lady luck, call it fate, or the devil looking after his own, it matters not but they are working hard on Boris Johnston’s behalf.

In one 24 hour period he has gone from the clown who presided over Brexit, the incompetent that presided over the pandemic, and the one who looks as if he would wear the accolade of the Prime Minister who presided over the break up of the United Kingdom.

Without any intervention on the part of Boris and purely decisions taken by others, he has gone for zero to hero, and to the victor the spoils.

When the pandemic finally made it all way to the UK we were ill-prepared, Boris was making it up on the hoof, throwing money at any number on the wheel in the hope of a win. As the death toll increased it looked as if his handling of the situation would be his demise, then lady luck took a hand.

Boris had thrown lots and lots of money at any company that might have been able to produce a vaccine, his gamble paid off, a UK company, although not the first, that did not matter, what mattered was Boris had paid upfront for the goods so controlled the supply, he had first shout.

But what really sealed his fate and handed him a ‘get out of jail free card’, was Germany. Germany had a vaccine but Germany was part of the EU, they could not hog all the vaccine for themselves, the bureaucratic machinery of the EU clunked into gear, and put the EU three months behind the rollout of the immunisation programme here in the UK. Oh the EU will catch up, but suddenly, hey we are all Brexiteers now, a nimble UK is better than a bureaucratic EU after all.

As for the pandemic, by the time of the next UK general elections, all will be forgiven, the death toll, could be as high as 150 thousand deaths, by then, it will matter not, after all, there was a global pandemic, outwith our control and could not have been predicted. Cygnus that was a lifetime ago, different times. No, the Tories saved us all from a fate worse than death, three cheers for Boris.

How will this play out in Scotland, I hear you cry. Well badly. The SNP have been wrong-footed once more. They pushed independence within Europe, seemed to make sense then since 60 per cent of people in Scotland voted to stay inside the EU, OK the fishermen voted to leave, but they have been sold down the river, changed days. We will go into the next Holyrood elections on a platform of,

Independence within the EU – oops.

We could have handled the pandemic better if we had been an independent nation – just look at such small independent country such as New Zeeland, oops.

Brexit will be a disaster for Scotland, oops.

One thing for sure, the May elections may not turn out the landslide expected for the SNP after all. They may still be the largest party at Holyrood but the Tories are not going to be wiped out as many predicted, possibly do much better than anyone forecast only a month or so back. Nicol as First Minister, no longer a foregone conclusion.

And even if the SNP, along with pro-independent parties, do win a majority, what can they really do? Aske Boris for section 30 to be transferred – not a hope, “now is not the time” we are in the middle of a pandemic and after that has passed, “now is not the time” high unemployment and a big debt for pay off, we need the broad shoulders of the UK.

The SNP along with their pro-independent palls pass legislation at Holyrood to hold a referendum anyway. Can that possibly work, they will only find themselves in court, and by the time the courts drag it out, Scotland will be run through the Scottish Office and not through the Holyrood parliament and we will be into the next general election and no one is predicting anything other than another five years of Tory government after that.

‘The parties over, the candles flicker and dim’…………….. the parties over, my friend.

(Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green Music by Jule Styne)

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