I went to Rome today,

Rome around the streets of St Andrews. The morning air was cold but the sun was out and the wind light.

As I passed the bus station the shuttle bus for Dundee was coming out of the station, these buses, as the name implies, run on a 10 minute circuit. The X buses, all three, ready to roll out for Glasgow and Edinburgh – begging the question WHY?

We are in lockdown, told not to leave our homes (unless necessary) key workers, shopping, exercise, and diffidently not joy riding on buses.

Coronavirus is a respirator virus and that is why it is so lethal, but so is breathing in diesel and petrol fumes, and why it cost the NHS millions every year trying to treat the damage, mostly to young lungs. Therefore you would thing a sensible thing to do, if given the opportunity, would to stop all public transport, at least, during lockdown.

I am sure that Stagecoach is not a charity running these buses at their own expense, they will be getting big handouts form the government. I would have thought a better use of that money would have been to use it to decommission these old, and not very un-green, buses and buy Hydrogen or Electric buses. Or is it me?

SNP unveils plan to hold indyref2 – even if Boris Johnson refuses a referendum. This was the headlines on the newsstand in supermarket on Saturday.

For some time now, here in Scotland, we have seen the pressure building for a referendum on Scotland future within the grassroots movement. Today it would seem the lid has truly blown off the pressure cooker and at last, the SNP have come to understand that Nicola Sturgeon, strapping on her size 10 boots and kicking the can down the road for a further 5 years can only be likened to that which she accusing Boris off, not sustainable.

I urge all voters to think very carefully about the up and coming May election and how they will cast their votes, and I believe the List Vote is crucial to our success, or failure, in gaining independence. Voting SNP – SNP did not stop the Tories and Unionists parties from taking their well worn seats at Holyrood, their guaranteed seat, even if the voters reject them at the ballot box. I am also concerned that should the SNP win an outright majority we will get another dictatorship, as we have at Westminster. The SNP have brought forward many controversial polices that will come into force simply because they are the largest party and has a majority. We have never had a proper opposition, Opposing for the sake of it (it’s an SNP policy) is no opposition, all MSP at Holyrood needs to be work for the people of Scotland, not the Kindergarten politics we see at First Minister’s Questions, neither do we want the rubber stamping of Westminster policies, that would come with a Unionist majority.

So I say, yes, vote SNP on your constituency vote, (even if you have to hold your nose to do so) to be assured of a pro-independence parliament. But vote for a pro-independence party in opposition on your list vote. Holyrood needs a strong opposition to hold the SNP to account, and I for one would prefer that to be pro-independent.

Think – Independence for Scotland Party (ISP) or Green. Ultimately it’s your choice, but you better make it wisely this time around. For our time has run out, Boris is coming to get you if you get it wrong.


After my blog, giving my assessment of the way the government has handled the pandemic, I was told in no uncertain manner that the government had a difficult balancing job to do, trying to deal with the pandemic and keep the economy afloat – Sorry no, what the government was trying to do was ride two horses at the same time.

During the Second World War, you were told (not advised) to put up blackouts, and the air raid warden had the authority to enforce that rule, (not, it is up to you to follow out advice, or). Gas masks were issued to ever one in the country, again you were told, keep them with you at all time, and the rules were again enforced.

When you are fighting a deadly threat, there is only one course of action you should take in destroying that enemy, use every weapon in your arsenal, a war is fought regardless of the collateral damage to the economy. And the shorter you can make that war, the less collateral damage you will do to your economy, its that simple.

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