The world has gone completely mad?

Although still early (and dark) the day is shaping up to be another day on my bike. Although it is very cold out, I do have a cupboard full of clothing to combat the cold. Clear skies and little wind, and when it decides to rise we should get the sunshine. All these great gifts along with clear roads, because of the lockdown, with only empty buses to contend with. What’s not to like.

Have we gone completely mad?

They’re a cultural trope that have been used to symbolise the proverbial ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’. But it appears the three wise monkeys have been cancelled after academics at the University of York decided they are an oppressive racial stereotype

How stupid has all this become, they are ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ for goodness sake.

The two-day hearing before Lady Carmichael, People’s Action on Section 30, ended yesterday, the good Lady has indicated that she will issue her written judgment within days not weeks. However, if the judgment goes against the People, Martin Keatings, promises to Appeal to the Supreme Court.

However If the UK lose they will be obliged to Appeal to the Supreme Court. They will do so, not as an appeal, no they will appeal to give them time to send a little note along to their Unelected Friends in the other place, asking them to change the law that will fill in any loop-hole to stop the action in its tracks.

We in Scotland already know the score. When the Scottish government challenged, the UK government and won, Westminster dirty tricks department went into overdrive, they used the time to pass legislation through the Lords to kill the challenge. This is what happened when you do not have a written constitution, Westminster simply invokes its’ Henry eight powers.

In The Bourne Identity, Mat Damon (Jason Bourne) whilst sitting in a mini in Paris and just before the white knuckle ride through the city, tells Franka Potent (his accomplice, on this rip-roaring adventure, by that master of such adventures Robert Ludlum),

You think I’m trying to burn you here – I’m only trying to do the right thing.

She, with a degree from the University of Hard Knocks, answers – No one does the right thing,

You got that right hen.

“To your bicycles”

“I can’t my mum won’t let me”

“How old is your mum?”


“Bring your mum too – to your bicycles”

Hamilton’s in one of his daft moods again, keep well and those pedals turning.

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