Making History.

 The only way to explain the weather today is shitty, I don’t think the bike will be going anywhere today.

The hopes of many around the world fall on these slim shoulders, but I believe they will carry that weight, history in the making.

The inauguration, all the pomp and ceremony are over, not so much about welcoming a new president, but telling Trump “You lost”. Biden is much more of a diplomat than Trump so he will choose words more carefully, but behind the scenes it will be business as usual, nothing really changes,

“When we play our charades, we are like children playing”.

And as Trump leaves office, we hear of more pardons for crooks, however Julian Assange, remains in Belmarsh Prison, so what’s new?

We can only hope for quieter times ahead, and of course see if Boris gets that big (oven ready) trade deal with America, Pitel is trying to make all the right noises and they have handed over $10 billion for aircraft, that always helps grease the wheels of commerce and focus minds on the Hill, anyway, it is a distraction from the coronavirus and Brexit fiasco, (no it has not gone away ask the Scottish fishermen) still as Lord Snooty told them in the Commons,

“The fish are happier now that they are English” (Sorry that should have been British, but since Rees Mogg, does not distinguish one from the other it matters not).

Sorry I should not start writing before I have my first cup of tea, Aaaaahhhhh, that’s better.

I was up too late to catch the early edition of the Alex Salmond Show, but it is good new for today we go to the Court of Session for the first day of a two-day hearing, the People’s Action on Section 30.

It would take a brave person to predict the outcome, but that is of little consequence, this is all about the people of Scotland telling the Westminster establishment, that this action is all about, all countries have a right to self-determination without exception.

Martin Keatings, who brought the action on behalf of the Scottish people, paid for through crowdfunding, from 10,000 supporters giving a total of £230.000 to the coffers. Crowdfunding is still open, by the way, for more maybe needed if we have to go to the UK Supreme Court.

Keatings is already the darling of the independent moment, a win will see him carried shoulder high into the Scottish Parliament as an MSP in May. I also think it will send a strong message to Oor Nicola that we need a commitment in the SNP manifesto to holding a second independent referendum (regardless) of Boris Johnson, refusal to give his consent. I understand her wishing to secure an agreement that can not be challenged either here at home or internationally, but the time has passed for expecting a velvet divorce. Make the wrong choice Nicola and all those independent-minded people that keep you in power will march on to independence without you.

The Greens I’m sure will not have missed an open goal, they will pick up many voters from people now disillusioned with Nicola’s stance, and the Greens unwavering commitment for independence.

Labours new leader would be wise to at least agree to hold a referendum, even if they would support, “No” to Scotland becoming independent. If they do not, then they will see their party wiped out in the Holyrood parliament as we have seen them wiped out at Westminster if they think the list vote will keep them in Holyrood after May, that could be a big mistake. With ISP in the frame, Labour die-hard voters (that will never vote SNP) may just be prepared to give their second vote to the ISP.

The New ISP (hoping to Hover up the List votes, if they can get their message out in time) this could change the dynamics in the new Scottish parliament, a staunch pro-independence party holding the balance of power.

Sadly coronavirus has stopped supporters coming out onto the streets. Stopped door knocking stopped the street stalls, so getting any kind of message out will be difficult, more so with something as complicated as the List voting system and how voting for the SNP on both papers hands votes to the Tory Party in Scotland, as it was set up to do.

May is just around the corner, and Scotland is in flux, the excitement is already building, we even see the BBC excepting they have to say something on the subject since 19 polls in a row have shown support for a referendum on independence.

As for the Tories, Osborne tells Boris, “Just keep saying No!” if you want to save the Union. Aye right.

Oh! for all those that can travel by bus (under the coronavirus restrictions) there are plenty of empty buses on the roads today.

They’re only words – and words are what we use – when we have sod all to say.  

Keep well.  

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