Or is it me?

 Pleasant enough out for the time of year, although the wind is picking up a bit. Had some shopping to do, so I chose my tric, just because it is fun to ride.

We have a flat screen information board in the library.

Today it was reminding us, what we are allowed to do during coronavirus restrictions and what we must not do. Included in the ‘must not do’ list was travel on public transport, ‘unless for legitimate reasons’ such as going to work.

What I found amusing, if it were not for the seriousness of it all, the split screen had a running list of the bus and train time table.

Why, oh why, are we still, running a full bus and train time table during a virtual lockdown? They are burning up fuel (and polluting the atmosphere at the same time) wearing out buses, trains, rolling stock, tracks, roads and costing Mr, and Mrs, taxpayer a fortune, all to run empty buses and trains, up and down, around, and around the country. Surely we can do better than this.

Surely by now, we know how many key workers require public transport to get them to their work, and at what times. Begging the question would it not be cheaper to send a taxi. How many people depend on the bus to get them to the supermarket? Would a minibus not be sufficient. and why a term minute shuttle service to Dundee?

The pandemic has been going on for months now and restrictions are likely to last into late summer-early-autumn, dependent on supply, eighteen months of running empty trains and buses around the country, that makes a lot of sense. And now it has been leaked (and the Tories are incandescent about it, being leaked) We, here in Scotland, are being short-changed on what was promised. It would appear that the company supplying the vaccine are private companies and if other countries are offering better prices, (the rule of supply and demand apply), why not supply them first, that’s the Thatcher way, free enterprise, what’s not to like?         

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