The truth is out there, all you have to do is let it in.


If you believe nothing that anyone says, then ironically you believe everything that anyone says.

Now I know that many will be horrified when I say this,

“Whatever else you do today, set your television to watch the Alex Salmond Show on RT sometime today.”

I know, Alex is a bit like Marmite, and RT has had such a bad press in the UK (well it’s Russian), but to ignore is simply to not understanding.

So why am I singing the praises of the Alex Salmond Show this morning, for the simply reason that in 30 minutes of this programme you will have all the answers to all the questions you yourself wished answers too on this coronavirus pandemic.

His two guests today were Dr Chris Smith (Cambridge University), the questions asked of him were the questions we have all wished answers too for almost a year now, but have only heard waffle from politicians and tame Civil Servants on the mainstream media.

The Answers today came from a man with no axe to grid or loyalty to Westminster to uphold. His answers came over as unambiguous, in layman language (so easy to understand) and covered everything from, the virus, its mutations, and immunisation, and how like the flu jab, may have to be given annually, for the same people that are in the “At-Risk” castigatory will remain, in the at-risk castigatory, next year, for he believes that we could still see outbreaks from time to time.

Then we had Dr Ballarat Pankihania (spelling, not sure) a specialist in healthcare, he told us, again in plain language, what the UK had done right and what they had done wrong and why some of the restriction put in place, did not work, and why test and trace failed.

The insight from this half-hour programme was so reviled, that you wonder why there is so much prejudice surrounding, both the presenter and the media (RT) itself.

Of course it still left many questions unanswered,

Why were small countries, with compatible populations, like NZ and Vietnam, or some of the small Scandinavian countries able to suppress the virus and keep it under control from the beginning, yet here in Scotland (tied into the UK) it was allowed to run riot?

Why is Israel, able to vaccinate all of its population, (not including the West Bank) by spring 2021 yet here in the UK we will not achieve that until the autumn?

Miss it Miss Out.        

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