Three Wheeling.

 The weather today was pretty good for the time of year, clear skies, little wind and sunshine, but, and there is always a but, it was cold in the relative wind.

I felt like a little exercise, the e-bike is making me lazy, so I pumped up the tyres on the tricycle, High-Speed tyres need constant maintenance, then headed out around town.

Back in the storeroom

My tricycle started off life as a bicycle, then a rear axle was added, (new tricycles were and still are very expensive the cheaper option is to add a rear axle to an old bike) and since the weight is spread across a greater area narrow wheels and tyres make it ultra-light.

To keep it within the law an extra brake was added to the front wheel (both bearing on the rim) but as traffic became heavier around the city I decided to change to a front disc and canter leaver on the front wheel, this was a road calliper since most of the equipment on it was still road rather than a mountain bike. To achieve this it would require new (wider) forks and with an old school headset finding a set with an inch tube took some time.

When I converted my two wheel bike to an e-bike I found I had some almost new changers and brake leaver combo. I decided to change my handlebars from drop to butterfly, since I was seldom on the lower part of the bar, and the butterfly bars on my two-wheel bike suite me well, being able to change handholds around the bars is a big advantage on long runs. A cheap pair of butterfly bars were ordered and I made the switch, taking the opportunity to change the inner and outer cables at the same time, no point sinking the boat for a pennyworth of tar.

There are issues, one the road brake levers has a long travel distance, so the disc brake was more than antiquity at stopping the trike, now the mountain bike leaver has a shorter travel distance so not as efficient.

The changes are for an eight speed block and a three-ring front mech, I would have like to change the block to eight-speed and the front chain-set to triple, but it would be difficult and possibly expensive too, so we will have to content myself with what we have.

I can not convey how much fun there is to be had on a tricycle, although it takes a bit of getting used to at first. They are so light you feel as if you have wings, you just want to pedal harder and faster and the exhilaration of hanging off as you corner at speed is, well, just needs to be experienced. If you like to pose get a tricycle.     

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