Back to the drawing board.

The front pages of the national (English) newspapers have just appeared on my television screen (Sky News, sound muted). We see much lampooning of the Donald Trump, and remember he is still the President of The United States of America. Whatever we think about Trump, he did pole a record number of votes in the race to the Whitehouse, even more than Obama in his day.

I have done a lot of door-knocking in my day, and one thing you learn fast is that you will not persuade anyone to your argument by telling them they are wrong. And I don’t think the way to make friends and influence people is for the English press to show the American people, their President, as a baby in nappies (diapers) throwing his toys out of the pram. Then again, if it was not for the big business financially supporting such trash, they would not survive.

As soon as you leave the bus route, the roads are treacherous, even the pavements have to be taken with great care although the main areas are salted there are still slippery patches ready to catch out the unwary. For this reason I dusted off my tricycle, it had been gathering dust in the old kitchen since I converted my (new to me) two-wheeled bike into an e-bike.

As soon as I boarded my tricycle and pedalled off, I remembered why I love riding them so much. You can, of course, tip them over and fall off, but unlikely pottering around town. On a two-wheel bike, it is all too easy for the wheels to side from under you and you end up clattering down on the road, only to be carted off to the hospital with a broken hip, (falling on my head would do no damage whatsoever). Ridding a tricycle it would be more likely to do a three-wheel drift, across the road, and straight under an oncoming bus, safe enough, you won’t feel a thing.

I have a robin visiting the wall-mounted feeder at the front door now, I’m pleased about that, but a pigeon has also found it and the roof is high enough for it also to guts food from there. The intention is to attract small birds, and especially sparrows, not feed the local pigeon population. Modifications may be required.

The ground feeder on the other hand is a big hit with the small ground-feeding birds. I deliberately made the roof low to deter larger birds, small birds would be able to get under it, nay bother, but I have found, to my cost, that although it is artistically pleasing it is in fact a bugger to fill with feed.

Back to the drawing board.

Ground feeder Mk 2.

The idea is that the roof slides up a centre pole for easy filling of the tray, then drops down, onto a stop, allowing the small bird to feed under the umbrella, but deter the larger birds, crows, rooks and pigeons. There may have to be a Mk3, Mk4 and so on. I pedalled off to the ironmongers, at the far end of South Street, I needed a piece of dowel for the centre shaft. It turned out that a meter of dowel was more expensive than a broom shaft, so that is what I bought.

Stay save, you all.

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