In Despair.

I forced myself to watch the Andrew Marr interview, with our illustrious leader Boris Johnston, and only because Marr said he would be asking about granting an independence referendum to the Scottish people if it was show that this was the wish of a majority of people in Scotland, in other words the up and coming Holyrood elections in May. I need not have bothered, Boris, as ever, simply waffled for the length of the interview and said absolutely nothing, about school closures, what the government was doing about stemming the upsurge in coronavirus, except that it was a new mutation and no one could have predicted that. As for Scottish independence, well that was once in a lifetime (the definition of life-time still to be determined).

The government’s arse is in a sling and although the devolved governments do have some latitude they are tied hand and foot to a London centralised system, so end up in a follow the leader situation. The silver bullet that Boris is pining his hopes on to get him out of this mess and keep him in post, is the vaccine, ask him about setting up a system of delivery of said vaccine and you will get even more waffle.

The experts say mass immunisation must take place and large numbers need to be vaccinated daily if we are to win the battle. The manufactures of the vaccine say they can step up production but because the vaccine has such a short shelf life we can only produce to the amount being used. Now after 2.6 million deaths and almost a year of British farce, It seems we have a shortage of staff to administer the dosage. Why? When we (along with ever other major country in the world) have one of the biggest arm forces on standby to go to war at any place and at any time, including thousands of doctors, and medical staff and all the logistics that we would ever need to deliver that service. Yet there they sit in barracks around the world, waiting for the bugle call to arms, in the middle of a war.

The leader of the Labour Party in Scotland has asked the First Minister for a Public Inquiry into the handling of coronavirus in Scotland. I can assure him that we do not have to spend vast sums of money on lawyers, and spend years on a public inquiry, anyone with and ounce of common sense can see what mistakes have been made and are still being made by simply opening their eyes.

A good month before we saw the first case of coronavirus in Scotland, we heard on every news outlet how coronavirus was affecting the citizens of Wuhan City, In China and how the Chinese government were building a massive temporary hospital. At break neck speed (under a week) to care for those that had contracted the virus, they were doing exactly what the World Health Organisation was saying would be needed to stop the spread of the virus, Test, Trace, Isolated. The Chinese separated, the sick from the healthy and allowed the bulk of the population to carry on as normal a life as possible and keep the economy afloat. Today in Wuhan City, the citizens are more or less back to normal, no one wearing masks, no infection running rampant throughout the population. Similar action was taken in South Korea, Vietnam, New Zeeland, all with similar success.

A month later here in the UK, even after those warnings and seeing people die like flies in Italy and Spain, the government still had no plans in place. Not enough protective gear for hospital staff, as for care home staff and carers in the community, they were not even on the radar. As for Boris and his, world-beating test and trace system, that had cost the taxpayer millions of pounds, along with their trace app, was quickly abandoned, as being as much use as an ash tray on a motorcycle.

When people fell victim to the virus, they were not isolated from the community, they were ADVISED to go home and self isolate. So mum tests positive, she heads home to where the kids still want to be fed, dad has as much idea of running a house, and cooking as I do about the dark side of the moon, as for the washing machine and hover, they are totally alien to him, Aye that’ll work, what chance was there to self isolate for many, women with families or where the mother was a big part in keeping the roof over their heads and paying the bills? they were simply spreading the virus amongst their family and friends.

Then came in FACT, you must keep your distance, two meters and wear a mask when entering a shop. However, it was not compulsory for the staff in shops and supermarkets to wear a mask, they could happily spread the virus over the food as they packed the shelves. In those early days, I would go out into the town to buy food (wearing my mask and fearful of anyone coming in close contact with me) and the streets of St Andrews were as busy as any Saturday, with no observation of the two meter rule and no mask-wearing in the streets. Advisory, aye that will work.

Oor Nicola stood at the podium day in and day out reading out the casualty figures (a passenger plane load every day) but still only advisory, for she said she wanted to take people along with her, 2.6 million deaths later we heard from Boris on the Andrew Marr Show that the government is stepping up their testing, and the First Minister is still handing out her condolences. This has all the trapping of a Hammond House of Horror ‘B’ movie about it, and still no end in sight.

Carry on asking for a Public Inquire if you like Mr Leonard, but I think the taxpayer would prefer some leadership from the Tories, Labour and the SNP on this now out of control pandemic.            

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