Triggered Memories.

Bitter cold morning and being Monday, my allotted time in the laundry, and since I have been less that keen to jump out of bed on such dark mornings my washing went onto the Economic cycle.

Returning to the flat I switched on my computer and as soon as I throw the switch on the wall on came the television. It was on channel 11 so Sky Art, the program showing was “Young Picasso” sadly it was almost finished, missed out again Hamilton.

Now I have dabbled a bit in art, as most everyone has, but I never really put the time in, there was always something to take me away from my brushes and pens. I have never been good with painting in watercolour, the colours never seen to come out right and I end up with a dirty grey picture, but that’s another story.

When I was in Paris I spent a great deal of time in the Paris Museum of Modern Art, which mostly contains work by French artists in the 19 and 20 century and the impressionists. I just loved the simplicity of the work, that was much more about connotation than a pure image of the subject. I would sit, or stand, in front of the painting and listen to the presentation. I wanted to learn more. Why the girl in Picasso’s masterpiece had no face. And why he had painted such a distorted face (a mask) on another. For me it was an education, a mind opening time, for I was starting to understand true art, not as a nice picture on the wall, but a glimpse inside the artist’s head.

The museum in Barcelona, I believe is the place to go and seen the biggest body of the work of Picasso, not surprisingly, I have it on my bucket list to visit, must be like walking through history with the man. The hurt he felt at his friends death, (take a look at the colours in the light from the candle then ask yourself, was that just about imagery, and why does it take up such a prominent position, (standing out) in the painting, is there something deeper?)

His graphic interpretation of the poverty and hurt in the world at that time, that was the Blue Period, I never understood that before. I spend two full days at the museum, it was such a life changing experience, I could not stay away. I decided there and then to try my hand at painting.

Of course I was a complete failure, but I found I could look at art in a different way. I found I was OK at sketching in pencil or felt tip pen, and I could look at an artist sketches and recreate something resembling the original artists work, in this way I hoped to emulate the creator but alas I fell short. But this does not stop me from amusing myself, and today was one such day.

My interpretation of Picasso’s work from his sketchbook, maybe it is time to return to my sketch pad and pencil’s, now that my scrap box is totally devoid of timber.

What about a sketch of my favourite artist Tina Turner, the great survivor, well I like it.

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