We are taking bookings.

I was out early this morning before anyone was about to put up the sparrow motel.

I was drummed into action when I read that sparrows, once so common, that they were looked upon as vermin by farmers, are now on the endangered list. I did intend to put the box high in the flowing cherry tree, but it seems there is a contract out to prune the trees, so I thought better of that idea.

Our building is in two parts the older part is Edwardian and the new part built-in 1981, I chose a wall outside the common room, not only is it sheltered by the big bay window, but you can see the box from inside so able to watch any activity around the box from the comfort of the common room.

How did I get the box up there? well with great difficulty, for the box is not light and working off a ladder is not recommended going on 80.

I don’t know about you but this has been a long week, possibly because there is no one around, then there is the darkness, dark when you rise and dark by four in the afternoon. This is made even worse by the crap on the television so no escape.

That said I did watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Calamity Jane, what a voice that Howard Keel had. And the songs from Calamity Jane. Take me back to the Black Hills and Secret Love (now the anthem of the gay community). Both musicals are high up on my top ten list. What I love most about these old films, the actors are real, and the dancers really could dance and singers really could sing and no computer graphics. OK, the scenery is, well just that, but that does not detract from the brilliance of the performance. Can anyone tell me where to get that yellow paint Kate (Brown) used on Calamity’s cabin door, you know the door with all the holes in, then one splash or the magic paint and it was rejuvenated. I suspect that once the paint companies found out about it they bought the patent then destroyed it before it destroyed their industry.

The sun is out, the skies are blue there’s not a cloud to spoil the view (Buddie Holy) – so must be time for a wee bike ride, chase away the morning blues.

Keep safe.

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