Interesting in Cycling – Read On.

My Tricycle Association Gazette arrived, the best cycling club magazine in the world, but I may be biased. I will copy this from its pages.

Crimes and Arnold – the book Martin Purser.

Shortly after John Arnold died in April 2013 the National Executive Committee of the Tricycle Association pondered on how best to acknowledge and commemorate his outstanding achievements on the tricycle. After considerable deliberation it was agreed that a full account of his life and achievements would be the most suitable memorial for one of cycling’s greatest record breakers.

Since John Arnold is inextricably linked with his fellow competitor and friend Albert Crimes, and their collaboration on a tandem-tricycle is the stuff of legion, the book is really a story about both men and strangely enough is called Crimes and Arnold the story of two great racing cyclists, friends and rivals.

Yes, Ed. Committees, been there done that. The time I’ve wasted in meetings you would not believe, sorry my attempt at being ironic.

Anyway, a book is now with the printers and can be pre-ordered online as a hardback or in paperback, A4 from. To get your hands on a copy go to the TA Website or contact by e-mail

Keep safe.

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