Winter Equinox

The shortest day of year, and with leaden skies over St Andrews it has never really been light, but the silver lining, we can look forward to longer days ahead, even spring.

Why o’ why do commentator and politicians insist that coronavirus is some sort of clever wee devil, there it is, hiding around corners ready to pounce on unsuspecting hosts or this new variant, that has the ability, like some camellia, able to changed it camouflage, all the better to attack us when it is threatened it’s not, its a virus, its inanimate.

The only way a virus can pass from person to person or animal to animal is by infection from someone who already has the virus, they pass it on by breathing on you, or you touching something they have left traces of the virus upon, (or hanging in the air in confined spaces) what is so difficult to understand about that?

The only reason I am here and not laid low with infection is that I heard the WHO telling me the way infection is passed on and what to do to avoid becoming a victim of coronavirus. I avoid giving the virus the opportunity to infect me, I do this by not getting close enough to anyone that may or may not have the virus. I also wear a mast every time I leave my front door and keep it on until I return to my front door reducing the risk of me catching the virus and/or passing it on. We have a hand gel machine at each entrance to the building and every time I pass one I use it.

So, please commentators and politicians, stop blaming the virus for you inability to stop its spread and when the brown stuff hits the fan, going out of your way to finding a new variant of the virus to blame for your failings.

We have had thousands of deaths associated with coronavirus, and an economy in taters and a government still running around like a headless chicken.

Almost daily Nicola Sturgeon in her briefing, tells us to F A C T face covering, avoid crowded places, clean your hands regularly, get tested if you are showing signs of illness.

Seems no matter the simplicity of the message too many people either don’t believe the rules apply to them or are stupidly putting themselves and others at risk, bordering on criminal. Maybe it is time to simply command rather than asking people to comply.

Over my working life I have seen a steep rise in Health and Safety at Work legislation, much of this I fought and voted for when in a union. These days, some might say, to our detriment, almost to the point of not being able to work. With thousands dying from coronavirus maybe it is time for some Health and Safety regulations.

I wonder, had the government acted more swiftly from the start and compelled everyone in the country to obey the rules, would we need a vaccine now?

At the end of it all we will have an inquiry into ‘what lessons can be learned’ from this pandemic, costing many more millions, it will, I’m sure, recommend changes that may or may not be introduced, then end up gather dust in some depository in Westminster, and of course no one will be held accountable.

Or is it me?

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