Christmas is upon us.

 Tuesday, being a bit dreich I did not go far only out to Pitscottie and back.

No rest for the wicked, the girls are putting up the Christmas decorations and they needed the boat and some heavy plant pots moved, seems the reindeer needed a home.

The boat (plant pot stand) I made some 18 months ago, shelters in calmer waters in her patio harbour. She has sailed in some horrendous weather over that time, and come out of it pretty much unscathed, Good job tell the designer chappy.

Inside the tree has been erected and looking lovely with all its lights but clearly they have not made a big thing about it this year. We normally would have decorations everywhere and a party for the switching on of the lights, so no wine, or home backing this year, ho-hum.

In the afternoon I did a stint in the workshop only an hour or so and made a couple of wine racks for the centre of someone’s table, well you would not wish a bottle of red wine to be upended on mum’s Damask linen table cloth, you wouldn’t hear the end of it. I’m always amazed at what can be made out of a few cutting of wood, OK they are a bit rustic (euphemism, for rough and ready).

supply your own wine

the sun is now up, time to get the bike out.

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