Home Sweet Home

Monday was as ever chore day, washing, shopping, and today that included the post office, for stamps, time to get off those Christmas cards.

The afternoon, I spent a couple of hours in my workshop and came out with a bird box. The design is not too bad but already I am thinking of a modification to the opening. I wanted to make the roof watertight, for it sometimes rains in Scotland, yes, even in summer. But next time I will make the floor fit inside the box and have it hinged, possibly using a piece of dowel for the hinges, it’s all about evolution folks.

that was lucky, a clean cooker.

Since the box is a nest box I thought I should add some guidelines for the potential buyer.

Entrance Hole 25mm

This will suite Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Tree Sparrow.

Site the box on the north side of a building and out of direct prolonged sunshine, so that the birds stay cool inside the box during the summer months.

(on hot days, you may see the mother bird come out onto the pertch and fan her wings to drive cooling air into the box).

At the end of the season and after the birds have flown the nest. Remove the two wood screws from the base, clean out the box, refit the floor.

Entrance Hole 25mm

This will suite Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Tree Sparrow.

Entrance Hole 32mm

This will suit, Great Tit, Nuthatch, House Sparrow.

Open Front

The will suit, Robin, Red Wagtail, Flycatcher.

One day I was shopping at Aldi and saw a small camera for inside nest boxes, images fed to your computer, I’m not sure what quality you could expect since it will be pretty dark inside a nest box, them maybe it uses inferred. However, watching a small bird flitting back and forth to feed her young, must make better viewing than daytime television, which is the best cure for insomnia known to man.

Talking about television, I switched on the TV when I got up and went off into the kitchen to make a pot of tea. Now, I must have been watching Sky Art last thing yesterday evening for on my return it was showing, ‘Brass Band Wonderland’ a Christmas show recorded in the Peak Cavern in the Peak District, (that must have been challenging for the sound engineer). The show was hosted by Jason Manford and featuring the Stockport Fairey Band and the Hackney Colliery Band (strange I thought Hackney was a district of London, do they really have a pit there), along with a host of singers. I found it most enjoyable but again I have to ask, like opera from Sidney Harbour, why put it on so early in the day? Then again maybe Sky Art is geared towards an audience in east coast America.

At 7.30 am the programme ended and that is when the television went off, ‘the news’, speculation, will there or will there not be a deal with the EU. How exciting is that? Alternative you could watch someone being inoculated for coronavirus, riveting stuff. And of course you always know when the government is in trouble, they roll out the royals. The prince and his wife are doing a tour of the UK and arrived in Edinburgh yesterday, their visit went down like a bad smell. With the central belt of Scotland in near lock-down and people told ‘NOT’ to travel outwith their districts, (unless for essential travel) we have two numpties coming on a photoshoot, how stupid was that.

Anyway, is it getting light, so time to climb on board my bicycle, it will be short and sweet today? and yes, I will be wearing my rain cape, even so, it is sure to lift my spirits. Keep well. 

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