Nothing to write home to mum about.

Loved my morning run today, so calm, would have been a good day for my Loch Leven trip but too many chores today.

Aldi to restock Mrs Hubbard’s cupboard needed everything so a heavy pannier bag and hill sack, still I reduced my bank card by over £11.00 so a bit of saving there.

Called in at the brewery, to let them know that I had finished one of the bogies if his kids wanted it, come and get it.

I was shown around the brewery and for such a small enterprise it produces a lot of beer. Clearly they are gearing up for Christmas, they must be praying that restrictions can be eased over the festive season, I think cans will be the big seller with more people staying at home over Christmas, me I’ve been dry for a long time now, and don’t miss it a bit.

About to run around with the hover now and then breakfast, I can not relax when there is work to be done, and a late breakfast is even more appreciated. I see that the Men’s Shed are meeting up at the East Sands and walking to the Harbour and back on Thursday, might go down and say hi.

Keep well.    

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