Occupational Therapy.

Friday once more end of a week and almost the end of another month, and thankfully we are still dodging the undertaker.

I don’t know about you but I’m sick to the back teeth with the news these days, and the television in general, I can count on one hand the amount of programmes I have watched over the week.

Coronavirus still dominates all of our lives and television screens, you would think they would have run out of things to say about it by now, but no another expert or politician, pops up to put in his/her pennyworth, yet at the end of the day it all boils down to what the World Health Organisation said at the start, Test, Trace, Isolate. What part of that message do we not understand?

Coronavirus has certainly shone a light on what is wrong with the way we are governed, all that talk about trying to balance the infection (keeping people safe) and as normal a life as possible. Sorry folks it does not work like that, you fight the virus or you let it run rampant and then you die, it’s that simply.

I still can not understand why they are talking about relaxing the rules at Christmas. This is a recipe for disaster, I believe when we see the death toll rise in January we will realise just how stupid that decision was. Christmas is important, families coming together, but only if that coming together for Christmas celebrations not for a funeral. Would it not be better to cancel Christmas and think of the future when this virus will come under control, and we have an effective jab, then we can all come together as a family, and have that big party in the home or even a picnic by the sea or down the park.

There has also been a lot of talk about mental illness caused by isolation. When you fist retire from a life of work, it is a bit like a holiday, then reality kicks in. You miss the routine of going to work. You miss your workmates, you miss the disposable income, and if you are not careful, too much idle hours will lead you into depression. A working life is not just about making money.

When out cycling one day, I came across a garden that was simply pristine, vegetable row upon row, like soldier on parade. I asked the gardener, who looked to me at that time to be around 100 years old, If he had someone in to help, for a lot of hard work had certainly gone into that garden.

“No” he told me “All my own work”

He then went on to tell me he was a retired G.P (general practitioner),

“I’ll let you into a wee secret, if you stop working you die”

I really believe in that philosophy, we should have more classes for people coming up to retirement, teaching them how to use their time constructively and stay healthy, mental and physically. We need to spend money on facilities for then to pursue their hobbies or learn new skills, such as The Men’s Shed, but properly funded by the state, it should be part of the education system. An active life in the company of your peers is still the best recipe for longevity and a healthy lifestyle.

Looks like you need to get the hover out Hamilton

However we should not be waiting until we retire to fine the elixir of life, a healthy people are people that have well paid jobs, a home they can call their own, (be that rented with life long tenancy, council houses were the answer in my day, they could be again). When people tell you that decent wages can not be afforded, for it would make goods unprofitable. Ask yourself, what does poor mental and physical health cost the country? How much is councils paying out to private ‘buy to let’ landlords in Housing Benefit for sub standard housing? And not forgetting if money is given to working families they will spend it, improving the lot of all, money was made round to go around not, given to companies (Quantitative Easing) to buy back their shares, making a failing company look profitable and enhance the C.Os bonus or accumulate money in some offshore bank account.

Coronavirus has shown many in the UK that we are poorly governed, the system is broken. We know that Scotland will soon become an independent country once more. I do not think that things will change much at all across the four parts of the United Kingdom, deals will be done, on trade, travel, defence and a whole host of other things, (it will not be separation as the Unionists try to paint it) the difference will be that it will be the people of Scotland making those choices, when they sit around the table to negotiate deals with other countries.

Already we see how Scotland is drifting away from England and much more towards a Scandinavian way of doing things, (maybe we are returning to our roots). I am convinced that there is enough smart people in Scotland to run our affairs, so long as we learn the lessons of failed systems, such as ruled by king and queens, with all their hangers on, or presidential governments, no we only need our wee parliament, to decide direction of travel, as it was once said, “keep the arses of those in power as close to the toe of your boot as possible”.

Once more we have come to the end of more blethers, I am still pedalling my bike, and still playing around with bits of wood. The old table tops are not much cop (poor quality) for anything that you would want in your home, although when I see some of the junk that is produces on these television shows, that turn ‘trash into cash’ and sell it online, the money they get for such goods makes you wonder, just how many mugs there must be out there. Keep safe and keep turning the pedal

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