Democracy – Stop laughing at the back.

I was watching Shawshank Redemption it is summer and the roof of the licence plate factory needs re-tarring. The warden asks for volunteers. Red (played brilliantly by Morgan Freeman). He is telling us that May is a mighty fine time to be on outside work detail – more than one hundred men volunteered for the job – and wouldn’t you know it, some gays I know were chosen – I received my 10% of course.

Earlier in the month I had been listening to Boris Johnston the Prime Minister, he was going on about how we would grow our way out of the financial hole we are in by spending on big infrastructure programmes, We would not only rebuild the economy but help solve global warming.

Of course Johnston, like all his Tory pals, is a big believer in capitalism, the money will be borrowed from investment bankers, such as J.P. Morgan and other Wall Street bankers. And wouldn’t you know it, the contracts will go to some fellows I know, and of course, I will get his 10%.

These investments bankers will run the show, having the wind turbines built and installed and it will be they that choose the contractors that will make and install them on their behalf. Oh, I almost forgot to mention they will source them from Twain, well labour is cheap out there but it is really all about, economy of scale, all way above taxpayers pay grade. Simply put, it makes sense not to have them built in the UK yards, we have to remember, this is taxpayers money, we must spend it wisely.

The taxpayer will pay for all of this, with interest, but will not own one nut or bolt of anything constructed, no they will be owned and run by private companies who will collect their profits through the private energy companies, (Stolen from the UK public and sold off by Thatcher) and it is they that will be selling us the ever so green energy they produce, at a price.

Well what’s so wrong about that, it is how the free trade system works and how we Tories stay in power, where do you think they get all of our funding from? Well it cost a lot of money to hire the advertising men to think up good slogans for the side of a big red bus and television advertising does not come cheap, some call it propaganda, we call it getting our message across. You would not believe how easy it is to persuade those gelable plebs to keep voting for us. And in return we look after our own, well, that’s only fair.

Oh, it is all above board, voted for in the Commons by YOUR MPs at Westminster, (who know the score) well, they are kept in the loop. When you are dependent on a fickle voter for your job, you have to, as the old adage goes, “Make hay whilst the sun shines” build up a nice wee nest egg for that time when those fickle voters kicked you out of office. The trick is, get them to like you, tell them what they want to hear, and yes it is OK to lie, you are a politician, after all, it is expected of you. “And with a little bit of luck, with a little bit of luck” you will stay in post until it is time for that big golden handshake and a nice wee pension, or the top prize a seat in the Lords.

Sadly for the People of the UK, there is no difference between the parties, Tory, Labour, Lib/Dem they are all part of the Westminster system now. Following on from the 2014 referendum we had the rise of the SNP but like Tony Blair before her Nicola Sturgeon soon found out that populist parties will not be tolerated by Westminster, you play the game or you die, and why the SNP went cold on a second referendum. SNP MPs are being seduced by Westminster too, much as Scottish Labour did in the past. What is not to like about our democracy.

Now I have never been fond of Trump, but he did try when it office to turn things around like telling the people of America that he would bring the troops home, something that the majority of Americas want. That was never going to work, too many in congress are in congress because they were funded by the arms trade and gun lobby and still receiving their brown envelops. I even heard It said that Trump by wanting to pull troops out of Afghanistan was intent on starting a war. Not sure how that works. And have you noticed that it is not enough that Trump has lost, he has to be shown to have lost. Like the UK, America will not tolerate a populist party in government.

Think back to Culloden and what happened after the battle, the English built Edinburgh New Town, which says it all “We Won”.

Take the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles, the English and French did not simply accept the German’s surrender, and let us all go home, no they had to show the Germans they had lost, and ‘We Won’. This was repeated at the end of the Second World War and the tradition is still carried on to this day.

In 2014 the people of Scotland voted to stay in the Union, the next day Cameron came out of number 10 and told Scotland that their MP would from this day forth become second class MP, he announced ‘English Votes for English Laws’ We Won.

All the promises about respecting the Scottish parliament, more powers, the big “We love you and want you to stay” and “Vote Yes and you will be kicked out of the EU” that went well. It is all about saying “We Won”. I hate to think what ‘We Won’ victory speech Johnston’s will give to Scotland when we leave the EU at the end of December.       

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