Don’t know what happened to the wind that was supposed to blow at storm force today, then again this is maybe the calm before that storm. I was over at Tayport, the air was cold, the sun a low glare. There were lots on cyclist out in small groups all seemed to be club riders rather than leisure cyclists.

I was hurrying back for La Boheme from Sidney Harbour. La Boheme is so well known it needs no introduction from me. La Boheme, the opera is very light with many great arias such as ‘Che gelida manina’ (your tiny hand is frozen) and ‘Mi chiamano Mimi’ (my name is Mimi) and how she is happy in her little white flat, for she is blessed with the first rays of the sun and the first kiss of spring. Puccini is a master at such arias. however, the course of true love never runs smoothly and just when Mini and Marcello seem to be hitting it off along comes Musetta, Marcello’s ex-lover, ops. I must say Mimi has a great pair of lungs for someone dying of consumption. The opera was in a modern setting with burnt-out cars and prostitutes on the streets. Now I have been down the Latin Quarter in Paris and I never saw any burnt-out cars or indeed girls with cutty sarks plying their trade. Anyway, that was my morning taken care off.

I had been offered a buggy for the wheels, however when I picked it up it looked in remarkable good condition, so if I can get it going I would prefer it was used for the purpose it was intended. There are a few in City Park that are finding it difficult to get around, so maybe it could become the camp bike.


I was over at Dundee this morning it was cold but calm first thing alas that was not the picture later in the morning, a very strong and very cold wind coming from the south-west, brrrrrrrrr. Crossing the bridge the tide, although almost full, was still coming in against a river that was in spate, choppy waters indeed.

On my return, I asked the manager about having the electric scooter for the use of anyone who needed it in the building, nay chance. You need a safety certificate, insurance, a dedicated place to store it and written authority from Viewpoint., hoops and more hoops to jump through, ho-hum. Looks like I will be building a chassis and body,, maybe some sort of Jeep for it to become an electric toy car, decisions, decisions.

First I need to finish the bogie. (anyone knows how you enter the Red Bull, Soapbox Race?)

My heating has been off since Friday, it was not so bad at first, the building acts like a big storage heater, however as time went by it was on with a woolly jumper, then the bathroom turned into an icebox. Thankfully the man arrived just before one o’clock and minutes after I arrive home from Aldi. I heard a lot of banging on valves and he bled the radiators, T-shirt weather once more indoors.  

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