The Three W

Willpower to get me out of a warm bed – Wind that keeps on giving – Wood shavings, the start of a new project. Sadly the coffee morning and craft sale has been cancelled this year because of coronavirus, so I do not think any of this stuff will sell, (all money made goes to H.E.D). I believe the girls are planning something in the spring and after we have had our jabs.

The weekend once more, where did it all go? The wind here is still very strong but it keeps the rain away, so all good. I only went as far as Pitscottie, and yes I had remembered to pull on my woolly hat. I have just had a news flash from Elie weather, wind speed for tomorrow, 47mph, Looks as it we will have to head for the woods once more for a bit of shelter.

To the woods -I cant my mother won’t let me – how old is your mother? 21, – Bring your mother too, to the woods.

The watery sun remained low in the sky and without giving off much heat, still, it was pleasant enough and I was out. At Pitscottie I said enough is enough and scooted back home driven on by a stiffening wind, well, this morning I had other things on my mind.

Yesterday evening I had gone along to the old kitchen and dragged two more tabletops into the workshop. What to make with these? My problem is they are all warped so not a lot of good for furnisher, out with the pencil and paper and scribbled away. I came up with an idea, a toy for even bigger boys than the little cart. Once marked-out I was surprised how little wood it had actually taken, then again I did have some cutting in the scrap box that would make the backbox. My band saw does not make much noise and I only needed a couple of cuts for the backbox, so I cut the timber off-cuts, planed then up, and glued and screwed them, pleased with that, a starter for ten tomorrow.

Returning home this morning I spread my dust sheet on the grass outside the window, set up my cutting table and clamped my marked out tabletop to it. It only took minutes to cut and sand the base and about half an hour to clean up and return everything to the workshop, ho-hum.

What do you think it is? I’ll give you a clue, it will require wheels.   

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