All dressed up and nowhere to go.


Monday turned into a very fine day indeed, oh it was still a bit blowy but very pleasant out, or perhaps it was just that the sun was shining, seems such a long time since we saw the sun.

Washing now done I set out into the wind and with the sun on my back all the way to Ceres, dropped down into Cupar, then climbed back over the hill to Pitscottie and home, it really did feel good to be out and about on such a fine day.

On the way home from my run, I called in at Aldi for salt, olive oil and milk, and came out laden with food is that not always the way, Mrs Hubbard’s cupboard is now full to overflowing. However, I did manage to resist buying Stollen cake, but did pick up some Scottish Dumpling, fried along with an egg, ye canna whack it. Also a ham hough, time to get the soup pot on again, with all this cold, wet weather on the way. I was not thinking when I bought the ham and it turned out to be, too big to go in my biggest pot, so, with my butcher’s hat firmly in place, it was out with the hacksaw, is there no end to this man’s talents, I ask myself.

The weather forecast is very much a mixed bag for the rest of the week. Tuesday warmer, a bit windy, occasional showers coming in on westerly winds, however, it seems as if it will be the best of a bad lot, so I intend getting my bum in gear, check over the bike and put my rain cape in the pannier bag, if you have it with you, it probably won’t be needed, it only rains when you leave it at home, then I will take off tomorrow for Loch Leven.

I intend to drive over to the car park at the south-east corner of the loch and start from there. To this end, I had to clear all the accumulated timber from the back of the van. As I removed it from the van and into the old kitchens, now used as a storeroom, my mind was on what my next project might be. In the past I have, along with my scroll saw, cut out all the animals that make up the Chinese Years, so I thought, a coffee table in pine with the 12 animals as a border. This would be a bit special in a nice contrasting colour and texture of wood, but getting hold of hardwoods is either too expensive or difficult to find in a skip, so may just try dying the animals in wood dye. If I cut the timber thin on the band saw, say 10mm I could cut both together so that one would fit snugly inside the other, (male – female) that would work but a lot of work, and a big challenge however the finished top would be something a bit special, sanded back and finished in clear resin. I will have to keep my eye open for an old piece of furniture made from mahogany or something that would stand out against the light fir.


All dressed up and nowhere to go. I had hoped to take off for Loch Leven today since the BBC weatherman had told us the wind would decrease, sadly this did not happen. Despondency came on opening the blind first thing this morning to see the contents of someone’s bin flying past my window, ho-hum.

I went online to checked out Elie Weather (a station just a few miles from here and pretty accurate when it comes to local weather), Wind speed 17 mph gusting to 41 mph. Overcast for most of the day, 10% chance of sun between 10 am and 11 am. Heavy rain will arrive by 2 O’clock in the afternoon. Well that sort of put the kibosh, on my Loch Leven trip. Oh well, back to the drawing board, literally, since cycling any distance is a no, no for the remainder of the week. Still, we travel hopefully.

Keep well.

P.S. the rain is now with us.

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