Sammy Going South.

 A rotten day of weather winds still blowing up into the 40 mph range and spitting rain to boot. So again a short-range flight, although I have to admit to loving the homeward journey divine on by the strong winds, it is a bit like flying.

I have been thinking of a longer trip as soon as the wind abates, and last summer I did a trip to Loch Leven (hoping to journey out to the island and castle where Queen Mary was held) It did not come off, coronavirus, so no boat trip, but I did find out that there is a track that circumference the loch so that will be my next challenge.

We did have a bit of excitement yesterday, a fire engine arrived with a full complement of firemen, but no fire alarm had gone off, stranger and stranger. Turn out that an elderly lady from upstairs was trapped in the lift. They soon had the doors open and consoling and reassured the old dear, but there was no way to get her out. The liftman arrived after a time and changed the fuses and all was well, excitement over.

As I watch the show unfold I was reminded of a film I had seen way back in the 1960s called Sammy Going South” it was about a small boy living in Egypt, his father had been posted there with the RAF. This was at a time of the Suez crises and both his parents had been killed in an air raid. Sammy knows he has an aunt living in South Africa and knows that to get there you go south, so decides to go and stay with his aunt.

The film is very serious at the start, small boy, now an orphan, in a foreign land set off to walk to South Africa. Then the gloom and doom is lifted when Sammy, holding his compass before him, sets off on his adventure, walking alone he starts to sing,

“Oh dear, what can the matter be, two old ladies locked in the lavat’ry”

The audience erupted in laughter. Strange how unrelated events trigger such memories.

What I remember of the film was good, but of course, it would have been very 1960s, so everyone he met was kind and generous and did not try to steal from him, and no human trafficking in this film. Then again maybe The 1960s was like that, but then again, I have always been a glass half full and never without my rose-tinted glasses, kind of a guy.

When I decided that the van needed a service I sent off for a full filter kit. I changed the air, oil and diesel filters, but what was this flat one for? Today I looked up the internet to see if I could find a home for this wayward filter. Seems the Caddy comes with a filter in the heater intake duct. May as well change that too. The van is parked against the wall so I could not gain access by the passenger side, I now found myself lying across the seats, upside down, (and feeling rather sick) fiddling to extract the old filter from the heater under the dashboard. Phew was it dirty, don’t think it has been changed since the van rolled off the assembly line in France. It was a bit of a hassle but another job ticked off the list. Must be cup of tea time? Let’s put on the pan said, Greedy Ann. Keep safe.

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