My pennyworth on the US election.

Thank Gawd it is all over, that bloody US election of their president, it has been wall to wall coverage on the British media for months, we are all sick to the back teeth with Trump, will this be repeated with Biden? They use to say that when the US sneezed the UK caught a cold, but I’m not so sure that the US carries the same clout around the world as it once did.

If I had to pick between the two candidates I would have picked Biden as the best of the bunch. Biden will take this pandemic more seriously than his predecessor ever did. He said he will rejoin the WHO and start to take climate change, the biggest threat to our world, much more seriously too. He may lift many of these stupid sanctions and tariffs, Trump imposed on countries around the world, including Scotland. And last but by no means least, clips the wings of Boris Johnston over Brexit and how it will play out in Northern Ireland and Johnston’s threat to international law and the peace processes.

Biden at 77 years of age (I believe), is getting on and may not make it thought the next, what will be a tough four years, but we certainly wish him well in his new job, will he stand for a second term? It pleased me that he has a strong young woman by his side who could herself be president. The first woman president may not be that far off. Mostly I like that she does not carry all the baggage that Biden still brings with him from his past. You may remember he was very much a supporter of Margaret Thatcher (the then PM in the UK) over the Falklands War.

The Falklands War had nothing to do with the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands and everything to do with Thatcher’s little war to win back her waning power at home. On this Remembrance Sunday let us not forget the loss of life on both sides, of every conflict, not only British forces. Argentine too lost many young men in that war and in particular the unnecessary sinking of the Belgrano, a ship that was sailing away from the Falklands, so no danger to the Royal Naval vessels in the area and let us not forget the innocent bystanders, in all wars.

Biden has always been very much Wall Street rather than Main Street, we can only hope that he is mellowing in his old age. What the world needs more than anything else in an American president is one that will start to beat swords, if not into ploughshares, possibly into wind turbines, and move America away from global warming fuels and capitalism to industrial growth, the way to grow your economy and have a happy and healthy nation is to give them well-paid work, not austerity with one per cent of the population holding ninety-five per cent of the world’s wealth, with food stamps to the rest. Corporations that have more wealth than the economy of a small nation, and use that power to influence and change policy away from people power to corporate power, serving their own ends. A president that once and for all take on the gun lobby in America and stop the slaughter on their streets and in their schools. He has a big job ahead of him but cometh the hour, cometh the man, let us pray that Biden is that man.     

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