Still Blethering.


loved my ride today, I deliberately stayed away from the main roads where possible, heading out of St Andrews on the road up past the Grange Farm. At the Gilmerton crossroad I turned right and joined the A915 then at the crossroads turned onto the B940 and carried on this road until I reached Lochty then right again for Carnbee. The day was cold, the skies clear with only a low watery sun to brighten my day. Still it was swell, riding on roads totally devoid of traffic. This is fun. I followed the road all the way down to join the B9171 and at the cross roads it was ‘make your mind up time’, I carried straight on for Crail and joined the A917 for Kingsbarns and St Andrews, although this is an A road it is less used than the B9131 out of Anstruther for St Andrews and the A917 is much less of a climb.

The sun was well past its meridian by the time I returned home, a quick cuppa and out with the tools. All the hard work was done yesterday so it did not take me long to cut up the board. Just when you have it sussed it all goes wrong. The tabletops were badly warped across their width, but once cut this seems less of a problem. Alas, the floor section needed some bearers to hold it flat, even with glue, screws and clamps it was reluctant to lay flat, ho-hum. More screws more bearers, more frustration, I had run out of clamps. It will be tomorrow before I know if all my endeavours have brought me victory or – don’t want to contemplate the alternative. Word of warning, don’t get glue on your trousers, it sticks like the proverbial to a hairy blanket.

Still some other bits and pieces to work on so I shan’t weary for something to do.

Does not look much for over two hours of work, still, that is not the object of the exercise. Building a chassis tomorrow.

Strange I thought with all that fresh air I would be ready for my dinner, but I don’t feel that hungry, or at least, not for dinner, more something nice, but I don’t know what, ho-hum. Keep well and keep safe.

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