More Blethers


the weather has improved dramatically with the strong winds abating, so I was once more out on my bike. Nowhere in particular but being out is a blessing long hours indoors can be a drag in these short autumn days. Dark when you wake up dark by four in the afternoon, no wonder we Scots are a dour race of people.

Home from today’s run and out to the van and dragged two more tabletops out and set about dismantling the runners ready for sanding, I am finding it easier to do the whole top rather the sum of the parts that make up a particular project, lessons learned.

The thick coat of old varnish is a bugger to get off, even with the big 6-inch sander and I have managed to go through four sanding discs, even with 80 grit the discs clogged up fair fast, still more fun and games.

Spent a pleasant evening yesterday with my sketchbook and pencil, deciding what to make with the now transformed timber. In the end, I settled on a toy. Kids love anything with wheels that they can pull around. With all this wood I could make it big, for older children, who love to help their parents in the garden, by digging holes in mums prise flower beds, filling their carts with soil and transporting it off to build a castle on the front lawn, or someplace just as inappropriate.

So an articulated sort of cart come hay wain. This is my artist’s impression but of course, it will look nothing like that when finished, they never do they evolve as they go.

I will mark out the boards this evening and if the weather play’s ball tomorrow and after my run I will start cutting out, once assembled I will put it in the common room for anyone with a great-grandchild, needing a toy for Christmas. If no one wants it then the Men’s Shed can put it on their web site and made a couple of bob for their kitty. I hear through the grapevine that they are looking at a piece of ground at Pipeline but of course, it will take money, still, there are enough clever clogs and in the know people down there to sent begging letters to the likes of the National Lottery. Then again with this virus doing the rounds all the charities are suffering cash flow, so not so easy these days.

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