What Happened to Monday?

7 am strip bed and head for the laundry, stuff the machine and set it to work, is there no end to this man’s talents?

The weather, cold but dry, so it was outside with the two Christmas trees, I can make as much noise as I like out here, so nailed the spines on the back of the two trees. Back indoors, made four feet to make them free standing, another find job.

Make breakfast, Ding-Dong – doorbell, it was the postman with the filters I had ordered to service the van. Off to the filling station to buy 5 L oil, did you see the price of this stuff, ho-hum.

Clothes out of the washing machine and into the drier, it’s all go today.

Drained oil, changed fuel filter, air filter, then oil filter, you need to give time for the oil to drain. Re-cycling centre closed today, thankfully I had planned ahead and kept all those old 1 L milk bottles for the wast oil. These single-use gloves are a godsend. Wash-a-handy-time, coronavirus and all that, and you would not wish to get all those nice clean clothes dirty, would you?

Clothes out of drier.

With bathroom cleaner and a loo brush I set about cleaning the engine down, good job.

May as well wash the van, since I am out here, all that sticky stuff from the tree is a bugger to get off the roof. Van washed and rinsed, stepladder returned to the storeroom, another fine job.

Make a cup of tea and a sandwich of potato crisps, they’re gid tell yer ma’.

Hover out and clean up workshop, may as well do the rest of the house. Clean bathroom including the floor, I love the smell of that spray cleaner, my wee flat now looking fair braw.

Make the bed, I do love freshly laundered sheets.

3 pm settled down in front of the television, with a cup of tea to find out what is going on in the world.

4 pm wake up, that’s something new, is this part of growing old? Ouch, ma’ tea’s cold.

Already dark O’clock, where did the day go?

Peel the potatoes and put them on for dinner, mince and tatties again today, that mince, on special offer, was a good buy.

Keep well and safe.  

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