Another Broach.

 Friday, the wind was blowing up a bit, but I had seen enough of sawdust for a while so I took off to Guess where?

The climb up today was not a problem I am learning the ropes with this e-bike. Leaving the bike at the bottom of the farm track,

the gate was padlocked against me, so I was not a surprise on reaching the top of the track to find these ponies. Well, some Numpty would come along and leave a gate open into a field, stands to reason, sod’s law.

It was a bit of a scramble up some treacherous VS (very severe) wet grass, not recommended for anyone under 7 or over 70 years of age.

The picture clearly shows the outer line of the Broach and it’s big, I stepped out nearly 30 feet.

The door and the lintel is also clear enough to make out and positioned away from the prevailing winds, which up here today was a bit wild, then again there is nothing to stop them from here all the way to Ben Lomond.

If getting up was bad enough, getting down for me these days would be no better, so I looked for an alternative route. I followed a less steep path down, and here I met another group of ponies, fenced off from the others.

Back at the road, and since I had made the effort to get up here, to the top of the world, I pressed on to Peat Inn, then onto the road for Crail, with the wind now on my back I was flying along at 40 kph until I reached the B9131, where I turned left for St Andrews.

Not a great distance in the grand scheme of things, but it was good to get out of the house for a bit and gulp down some fresh air, for it the weatherman is right, I will be locked indoors tomorrow.

That was the good news, the bad news, the manager who is periodical on-site at City Park, having just returned from holiday, spent 4 hours on-site on Tuesday 26th October has now tested positive for Covid 19. I suppose it was inevitable that this would happen, someone from outside would bring it to our door. The housing association have tried to assure us and that Jane’s office will be deep cleaned. I have a feeling that most of my neighbours will be wanting tests done despite Viewpoint’s reassurances. The incubation period, I believe, is somewhere between 2 to 14 days so a few anxious days ahead for many of my neighbours. For me, spilt milk, no point worrying over it.   

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