Sunday, but not a day of rest.

Sunday, the morning was fine, windless but cold, certainly a good day for a bike run, but remembering the flat tyre from yesterday, the tricycle would again have to be pressed into service. I had earlier checked on my e-mails and found one from Amazon to tell me that my puncture protection strip had been dispatched, brilliant.

I went out to the van and brought the bike into the living room and after removing the flat-screen digital readout on the handlebars was able to upend the bike and set about the tyre. Strangely enough there was still air in the tyre. I say strange, for the tyre was definitely flat and since I had real difficulty unscrewing the high pressure valve core to blow up the tyre that did not seem to be the problem.

I had no difficulty at removing one side of the tyre from the wheel and then removing the tube. After inflating the inner tube I run around with washing up liquid to look for leaks, none were found. Checking inside the tyre, nothing there either, even the valve showed no sign of leaks (the only cargo a boat hates to carry). Still, better to be safe than sorry I will fit the puncture-proof inner lining inside the tyre before reassembling, if for the confidence factor if nothing else.

The tricycle felt very light after the e-bike but needed all its granny gears on the hills. Maybe I should consider a front wheel conversion kit for tricycle since I already have a battery, which is the expensive part. The battery pack could be interchangeable between the two, (if the company would be willing to sell me a replacement locking base) I don’t see why not.

I did not go far today, it really was cold out, but warm enough in my workshop, so that is where I spent some time on my return. I still had to find a way to hitch of the trailer to both e-bike and tricycle, thankfully it was an easy job. The hitch came in two parts,

The seat bracket would be fitted to the seat post of the tricycle,

The other half of the hitch to the trailer.

I made up a little wooden block from hardwood that would be bolted onto the rear of the bicycle’s rear carrier frame, (there was already a plate welded in place to take a lamp so no problem there).

The rear light will be fixed to this bracket too, it really was that easy. Don’t you just love those days when everything goes right. Keep well and safe.

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