Raining in My Heart

 Although it rained at the start of the yesterday morning the weather was very quiet, and once the rain passed I was out on my bike for a couple of hours. Today, however, is a different story. The daily deluge is well maintained, and with no sign of stopping anytime soon I skipped my morning peddle. Not to worry, the girls have a couple of wee jobs for me and I have still to finish my Christmas Nativity scene.

This coronavirus has really put a dampener on the year, sadly I see no silver lining after the storm. What will 2021 bring us, I ask myself. Coronavirus 2, Brexit, five million unemployed, riots?

When you have lost everything, your job, your home, because you could not keep up the mortgage payments, or pay the Buy To Let landlord’s rent, you will be out on your ear. It is then you will lose all control over your own life, with nothing to lose, like hundreds of thousands in the same boat, you will take to the streets. Dear o’ dear Walter, you are very depressive today, then again does anyone really see it getting better anytime soon?

The Julian Assange stitch-up has come to an end, all that remains is for the good lady judge (The government’s henchman) to sign his execution warrant, for that is what it will be. Here at St Andrews Castle they have what is called a bottle dungeon. Simply a hole in the rock that leads into a bulb-shaped cave below. There is no sanitation, no water supply, only bare rock. Once you are lowered down (or thrown down) into the dungeon that is it, with no way out you survive as long as you can, physically and mentally, daily putting up with a living hell. This is all Julian Assange can look forward to on reaching America, a life of purgatory.

This trial had nothing to do with justice and everything to do with revenge. Julian’s crime was that he held a mirror up to the face of the American and British people. Showing us that we were no different from any of the other nations around the world that we are so quick to condemn for human right violations and war crimes. Our soldiers too were not averse to commit human rights abuses, and war crimes, with impunity.

Assange exposed the truth to the world by posting graphic images of, human rights violations, carried out, not by the armies of some failed state, but our own. Julian Assange, exposed the myth, by telling the truth as any good investigative journalist would. American and British soldiers were shooting unarmed men and women. Exposing prisoners to untold torturous and abuse, (and it is still going on at Guantanamo). He removed the mask and forced us to look in the mirror, at our own face, and we did not like what we saw.

Julian Assange is being punished for crimes that we the British public were complicit in, and continue to participated in, by turning a blind eye. The public must stand up to this miscarriage of justice. For if we don’t, then we condemn ourselves, whilst trashing any illusion that there is, or ever was, such a thing as British Justice.

Soldier, soldier you frighten me in all your blind brutality,

For behind the soldier’s mask I see,

A man – just like me.

Current UK military expenditure £46.6 billion

After several years of relative austerity, the UK’s military budget is now firmly on the rise, with a 10% real-terms increase since 2015 and more increases promised.

Current Climate Change expenditure £17 billion

By far the biggest threat to our nation (and the world) is not some bogeyman, but climate change. The UK government is so dependent on ‘brown envelopes’ (bungs for procurement contracts) and funds for their campaign chest, from arms traders, that keeps them in power. You will always know where their loyalties lie.

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