From Russia, without love.

Russia, was an ally of the British during the Second World War. For the duration of the war they would have on loan, two warships form the British navy. In the early 1950s these ships were returned, and made their way up the River Forth, and anchored in the channel, just of Rosyth Royal Dockyard. Jimmy and Laurimer were both now serving with the Royal Naval Ancillary Fleet, and based down at Rosyth Dockyard. Having volunteered themselves for Fire Picket over the weekend the lads had been ferried out to one of the ships now swinging at anchor.

As soon as the barge left on its return for the dockyard the two set to work searching every nook and cranny of the ship. Their search proved fruitless, not even an old pair of boots did they find on board the ship.

“Have you ever seen a ship so devoid of plunder Jimmy, not even an oily rag in the subs store?”

“Aye, your right there Laurimer, all those Ruskies have left us is dust, lets try the bridge, we may have better luck up there”.

Up on the bridge, there was a cupboard with a padlock securing it closed. “This is looking better, hand me that jemmy, Laurimer, ill soon have this open” offered Jimmy, his mood lighter now at the prospect of something worth a few bob in the cupboard.

before either man was able to make a move, there came a loud cough form the companionway, both men turned to be confronted with a young naval officer.

Clearing his throat lightly, he said in his clear educated voice,

“Those who steel from the Navy are bloody roughs, those that don’t, are bloody fools”

and with that he vanished almost as quickly and silently as he had appeared.

The padlock was jimmied off the locker but just like the rest of the ship, there was no booty to be had.

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