Coronavirus, is there a cure?

Now I don’t care if you hate Alex Salmond, or that you thing RT (RussianTelevision) is all Russian propaganda, to be avoided at all cost. Today you must watch the Alex Salmond Show on RT (repeated at 14:30 –15:00 and again 19:30 – 20:00). Why? His guests today are Dr Chris Smith – The Naked Scientist and Dr Huge Montgomery, world-renowned scientists and medical doctors, and they will inform you, in a simple easy to understand, all you need to know about coronavirus. Why it is so dangerous. Why some suffer more than others from this virus. How it leaves a footprint that goes on attacking the body long after the virus has gone from the body. And finally “Is there a cure?” you may be surprised at Dr Smiths summing up of the future, this virus is not going away anytime soon.

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