Reflections on my week

I am still here, and I still do not know where all my time has gone. I seem to be drifting along in a fast-flowing stream at the moment, with no idea where I am going, when I will get there or is it really where I want to go anyway, summing up, my life seems to be out of control at present.

I seem to be spending a lot of my time scribbling away on my stories for threewheelsonmywaggon, it started off as a platform for my trip to Europe (which never happened because of coronavirus) but now seems to be storage for a lifetime of stories, (I’m not a writer more a storyteller). Although I have to admit it has been very therapeutic and has seen me through lockdown, coming out the other side with some semblance of sanity, (and my spelling has improved too).

Meeting up with people more now and I have found many have had similar experiences as myself. They have started doing things they have always wanted to do, but kept putting them off. One lass upstairs from me, a bit of an academic is writing a book, not sure what it is about but not something that will interest me I’m sure. Now with time hanging heavy many have made a start on their new life, writing, jogging, cycling, painting, two lads from the Men’s Shed are going on a bicycle mechanic course at Aviemore, and one lad, I hear, is going on a traditional boat building course, during his time there, he will build a clincher constructed skiff, sounds like a lot of fun.

It’s an ill wind, they say that blows no one any good and coronavirus, is proving that adage true.

I was speaking to a long time friend, I asked him how coronavirus was affecting him, “Not a problem I have been working from home”. People now working from home, are making more money by staying at home, simply because they do not need their car to get to work, they do not buy snacks and meals when away at work. And, if they are anything like me because they are not going out, or to the office mixing with people outside the family, they do not have to dress up or keep buying new clothes, so spend less in the shops. They like staying at home, spending time with their family, not trapped on a gerbil wheel. I don’t believe the government is going to get them back into that stuffy office anytime soon.

It is difficult to say, but the lot of men may be enhanced by the failure of a system of government that has been so ill-prepared for a pandemic. If the world order, as we know it, collapses, there will be a hardship, but as Maria said: “You cry a little, then wait for the sun to comes out, it always does”. Or as dad would have said, “Spilt milk, move on”. Keep well.

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