Getting motivated.

 A sad Owl sat upon a post,

A poor soul he did looked too,

With head tucked underwing,

And much too wet to Woo.

It rained a lot yesterday so I donned my cycling cape and did a fast circuit, over to Pitscottie and back, at my time of life you have to push yourself, it is far too easy, when sitting in a comfy chair in my cosy we flat, to say, it is too wet to go out. Doing so will only lead to it is too windy, too cold, too hot even to go out.

My van, that has hardly turned a wheel since I bought it, went in for its MOT on Monday and failed seems the exhaust, was not only broken in two pieces but rotten too, what rotten luck. Today it goes in for a replacement, costing half the original price of the van. So I really need to put it to work. Up until now, I have been reluctant to do any travelling that would bring me into close contact with others, this coronavirus has to a greater or lesser degree made me its prisoner. So taking advice from Maria, I will turn a new leaf.

“Oh, I must stop these doubts, All these worries. If I don’t I just know I’ll turn back! I must dream of the things I am seeking. I am seeking the courage I lack” (from the sound of music).

Now where did I put that box of maps.

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