Short and sweet

 It was early to bed yesterday, today I feel fine, a bit sleepy head and stiffness in the upper legs but that is only to be expected, yesterday was a long day for me.

Short-run today out to Leuchars and back, and almost as part of the military surrounding the tune in my head was the military band of the Wehrmacht, playing a slow march, so there I was behind the Sousaphone and Glockenspiel marching slowly forward into a headwind, wheeling and turning in perfect harmony with the band. No matter the source, music like a good wine will always travel well. Coming back it was all about tall gears and jig time. Home shower, breakfast, (now where did I put that bed).

The headlines today are all about the second spike of Coronavirus, hardly surprising from what I have seen over the past days and weeks. None wearing of face-covering even getting onto a bus. I moved my seat on what was a 50 seat bus yesterday with half a dozen passengers on board, when some Numpty sat down in the seat behind me, he seemed rather taken aback when I asked him if he had heard of social distancing.

They talk of trying to get people out of their cars and onto public transport, at this rate we will be lucky to keep public transport. One of these fine days the government will say, “Sorry but we can not afford to run empty buses around the country any more”. I wonder if Coronavirus is having a mental effect on the population at large, the disease seems to be causing some sort of lemming effect, self destruct.     

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