Stage Three, Weymouth to Weston-Super-mare – 74 Miles.

Over such a short section as this, there would be little hope of any serious breakaways succeeding and so it proved. The Belgian rider Van Den Dooren snatched a fine victory over Ken Jowett at the prime point out of Dorchester.

The peloton held together, more or less, only starting to string out within the last few miles as they swept down into Weston-Super-mare at more than thirty miles per hour.

Three hundred yards from the line the vast crowed of enthusiastic onlookers anxious for a better view of the front riders, pushed forward causing a bottleneck. Six riders made it through and sprinted for the line, leaving the tangled wreckage of the fallen bikes and riders in their wake. BSA rider Stan Jones finished first, the time three hours fourteen minutes and thirty-five seconds. Ken Russell’s fourth placing was good enough to hold onto his yellow jersey. The official awarded the same time to all the fallen riders.

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